Wednesday, March 30, 2005
  saying hi :)
hey few readers!

i don't have any pics to post or anything, so i'll do another one of those nice little numbered-list entries. that way, if the subject is boring, you know you can skip to the next number.

1. the job is fine. i don't give much in the way of updates, but i guess that's good - no drama, ya know? my co-workers are nice. i love the office manager, paola. love, love, love. she's a neat woman. as i've told ed, anyone who can be clever in their second language hugely impresses me. we hired a new guy, a 24-year-old straight-outta-jersey yarmulke-wearing guy. a new dad. seems nice, although i still can't wrap myself around the idea that he's a dad at his age. but it's not like 24 is too young, right? i guess i'm just getting old and shaking my head at all these crazy kids. oh yeah, back to the job - to give you an idea, one of the two "companies" i'd guess you say that i work for is a VoIP phone. right now, i'm doing the online tutorials for the product. e.g. "to make a phone call." i record my screen and then i record the voice. then i read a blog or two to let my brain recover.

2. i'm fine. a little stressed (i seem to be in short supply of money and of time, and this new apartment thing isn't helping in either department). a little sad (residual tortellini sadness inevitably leads to sadness about other things; last night i started crying when i realized my dad's birthday is coming up). a little sniffly (i spend most of my home hours snuggling with a cat against its will, which strangely doesn't help the allergies much). a little hungry (i'm trying to eat better). but overall, i'm fine.

3. ed is fine. no, really fine, if you know what i mean.
that's all. :) (hi ed!)

oh, also, he rocks. i'm a member of bally's. nice one in east fort lauderdale. the one in our area, however, sucks. i don't know what machine is which, there are no labels, if you want to do anything on a mat, you basically have to STAKE OUT an area between two machines, etc. it sucks. so i've "moved to wisconsin" and hopefully can get out of that contract. in the meantime, i'm paying $50 for a gym i can't go to (seeing as how i live in la crosse) so can't really afford to take on a second membership. enters ed. he got me a $21 month-to-month membership at his gym (24-hour fitness) and paid the $80 joining fee, as well as the required first and last month's membership fees. HOW COOL IS THAT? HOW COOL IS HE? yay, ed!

4. thank you for the tortellini condolences. i see little reminders all over: a tortoise figurine on my desk, her hay-filled flower pot, the salad mix i'd share in the fridge. and over all, i have a sinking, "i'm forgetting someone" feeling at all times. then i do an in-mind checklist and realize everyone is accounted for. it's tortellini i'm worried about. it makes me sink to think of her. i worry where i failed her and wish i would've realized something was wrong before.

5. despite aforementioned worries, i want to get another tortoise. this time, a red-foot tortoise, native to south america. that means it's basically adapted to our weather and will be healthy and happy here. that's at the top of the "what to do when i have a spendable $100" list. i'm reading and reading and figure i'll take her to the vet every three months or so to make sure i'm not walking her down an unhealthy path without realizing it. it's not a tortellini-replacement; i just want that cuteness in my life again and to do a good job and grow a big, healthy tortoise.

6. the apartment is ready.. tonight! go me, first apartment. why hasn't anyone sent me silverware yet? this means i have to use sporks from taco bell. dammit, people.

7. oh yeah - the bird is fine. it turns out she was good about not picking at her lasered area, so the vet told me she wouldn't need a cone. i screamed at him (in my head): then what the hell am i spending $400 on?! the $400 still kills me (and no cone!), but i saw reege and her boyfriend feeding each other this morning and am convinced it was absolutely the right thing to do.

8. the camera is back. but is still broken. so i get to send it in again. cry!

did i miss anything?

oh yeah, dawn has a blog! she thought i knew about it because it would show on her comments she leaves on my blog, but i just read those when they're emailed to me. so, yay, a blog to read! :)

i'll try to post something non-drivelly sometime soon. if i don't, please forgive me in light of #2.

ps: sharks!

pics taken off the beach in, um, deerfield beach. how cool is that?
nice ed, to give you a membership! very cool.

I noticed that dawn has a blog! And rene' - i was freaked to realize that Phillip is a grown man. Dang.

I have a blog too. It's boring. Betcha can't figure out what it is.
well, meg, let's hope it's not ;)
Oh damn, you found my secret life! Fucking bitch ass Kim. I hate that bitch.

LOL! I love! Thanks for this post, now I must go read Dawny's blog!
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