Tuesday, April 05, 2005
  drivel/update 4-5
since i don't do so much that's blog-worthy on a regular basis, i figured that when i felt like it, LIKE NOW, i could do another of these little Boring Trivial Shit lists. comes in handy for people who care that i don't talk to much. there are a couple of those folks out there. i hope. :)

1. last weekend.
last weekend, ed & i went with our friend tracey to the dania marine flea market. i remember when ed went last year.. it was before a race. and he's been talking about it since so i was looking forward. we had a nice time, despite the rain. spent some money, ruined a shelf full of books by spilling beer all over it, and all that other good stuff.
the really cool thing is that ed got me a new b.c., as a long-overdue anniversary gift. i've been using his old one, which worked well enough for me. but it certainly didn't fit. now i have a brand-spankin' new b.c. made especially for a girl. and it's called the diva! baha! much appreciated purchase, and an excuse to go diving sometime soon - yay! :)

2. apartment update
so it's mine; i have a key and everything. the weekend was a bit too busy to do anything besides shop for stuff for it, so i haven't even spent the night there yet. but i got silverware! and a bathmat! and a vegetable peeler! and other exciting, luxurious items!

last night i went to home depot and bought $40 worth of plants & accessories. tonight i go over to enjoy our bit of extra daylight to put the catnip, gardenia, aloe, begonias, dahlias, and herbs in their proper containers. hopefully i can keep these little guys alive because i love having plants around. the big planter in front i wasn't sure what to do with is going to be a tortoise playground. probably not the most attractive option, but i think it will be quite cute.

i just have to say that i'm a total dork. mind you, i've never had a place that was mine. and rarely had a place that was even half rightfully mine (e.g., when you're renting out a room in a home, you don't exactly have a say on the decor). so my apartment is all the cuter because it's mine, ya know? i randomly have thoughts like, "so that's that's where the fusebox is. hey, i have a fusebox. ha!" MY FUSEBOX!!!

3. tortoise update
he is as yet unnamed. i'm working hard to maintain good temperature and humidity levels, but he hasn't proven to be much of an eater yet, despite the fact i bought him a pint of berries that cost me $4. hopefully he's just adjusting because damn is he cute. i look forward to going home to worry about him a bit and make him a salad. :)

4. the weather has been gorgeous here, too!
take that, wisconsin!

5. my job is pretty cool.
obviously, if i could spend my days smelling gardenias and watching sandpipers run in fast-forward on the beach, i'd do that.. but considering i have to work, this is alright. the people i work with are truly nice and we have a good time. after my last horribly oppressive work environment, i remind myself i'm lucky on a daily basis.
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