Tuesday, May 24, 2005
  Hey kids!
I got a few minutes before I have to leave, so a quick note. I don't want to stop updating my blog thereby frustrating my few faithful readers. I don't care if you're in Texas or New York or whatever.

1. I'm going, uh, salsa dancing tonight. Don't worry, I won't chicken out - I have a bottle of coconut rum I plan on downing as soon as I get home. Now, I may get there and start crying or something, but I'm at least going to try.

2. Look, I found my claddagh ring! I've had this thing since I was 17, when I bought it in Montana for $6. Wore it every day until a couple of years ago, when it got too big on me and started slipping off. I came across it in a jewelry box the other day and it fits my middle finger now, so I can start wearing it again! Yay, $6 (but meaningful!) jewelry! :)

Those scratches are from a cockatiel.
Yes, this is some high-quality stuff here.

3. I'm starting that new part-time gig tomorrow that I've told some of you about. :) Half-day there, half-day here tomorrow and Thursday. The next few weeks will determine if this becomes a longer-term thing. Wish me luck!

4. I had another Brutus encounter last night. I am so not going to be able to catch him on my own. Last night, both cats were on the porch, which means that something interesting is happening out there. Interesting to kittens, anyway, which could very well just be a beetle. Or Stacey's new seedlings that they like to WALK ON. Anyway, no - it was Brutus on the steps. I was all smart and stuff and brought some tuna out on my porch, then walked around the back way and tried to shut the door, but Brutus heard me and jumped off the porch, abandoning the tuna. So I moved the tuna further in the door and tried again, this time being AS QUIET AS I COULD. This Brutus, although he looks like he's falling apart, is very alert and fast. The door was ALMOST closed when Brutus trampolined off it.

After that, he didn't have much patience for me beyond chin scratching. Which I did to earn his trust, even though there's a hunk of flesh hanging three inches to the left of where I'm scratching. God, that poor thing. What I realized last night - I need help. I can't catch him on my own; he's smarter and faster than me. I don't smell dead, so at least I have something up on him.

After I gave up on catching him, I went to get my camera. He was gone when I came back (thank god - I've only seen him in the dark and maybe it's best that way), but I did get a pic of cute Catherine, who accompanies me wherever I go outside, despite the fact she won't let me PET her. I took this in the dark while crossing the street.

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