Sunday, May 22, 2005
  Weekend Update
1. Pretty quiet weekend. Friday night, I went out for a couple of happy-hour drinks, where I rediscovered my fondness for boys in glasses. And may I say - is there a better way to end the workweek than a couple of drinks? Happy-tipsy and to bed early? I think not. Saturday, worked outside (& inside) almost all day, then had some yummy Indian food for dinner. Samosas- yum, yum, yum! Today's not really worth mentioning, but at least I got some stuff done. I did answer the phone when my sister called though! Yes, again! I'm getting so good!

2. I officially have watched too much Friends. Unfortunately, I've discovered that there are TV programs I like other than Law & Order. I have two seasons of Friends on DVD now. I can't help it, it makes me laugh!! Today I was in Target and said, out loud, "How you doin'?" Joey-style to this package:

You can hardly blame me, but.. Yeah, time to break the books back out. :)

And in case hitting on a DVD cover didn't clue you in, I'm back to my normal, goofy-happy self. I've resumed singing, laughing (yes, I amuse myself quite well), catching the cats to give them hugs, and all that good stuff. I'm sure the neighbors are thrilled - one came to my door today to let me know my laundry was done and caught me singing Juan Luis Guerra very out loud. I'd better not hear any complaints about it, either, after having to listen to all that sex. Yick.

3. Someone broke my frog. My sister got me two lawn ornament frog thingies.. A little boy frog and a little girl frog sitting in chairs. Well, Friday night, someone apparently smashed one against my door. Hi, rude neighborhood. And this was before the singing thing, so I don't need that comment - ha ha.

4. My cats are so cute. Did I mention Elliot is continuing to progress by skittish leaps and bounds? Tonight he got the courage to come up on the counter while I was making dinner and try to steal a waffle. I got back to see him dragging an entire waffle off the plate. A waffle! What cat wants a waffle? And yes, I was having waffles for dinner - shaddup; I wasn't that hungry. He still runs away constantly, but typically does a U-turn even before he gets to the bed and comes back out.

Oh, and get a load of this one. I got this storage thing for my dive gear today and thought it would be a nice place for the cats to sit, so I topped it off with a blanket in a pillowcase. Apparently the cats liked the idea:

Do you see this? Sitting together! Closely! No growling or anything! And I got close enough to take this picture without Elliot bouncing off! :)
Aww, they are both so cute! Glad you're feeling better, sounds like a pretty good weekend to me!
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