Thursday, June 09, 2005
Since I have no cable and have been homebound as of late, I have been reduced to watching whatever crap the networks have chosen to offer. There are highlights, such as reruns of Friends and Seinfeld. And then there's Beauty & The Geek, which I like quite a bit. I pride myself on not getting caught up in what a friend once termed "prole TV", but it's sadly addictive, especially if most of your energy is concentrated on breathing.

If you're not familiar with this show, they pair up a stereotypical geek and a stereotypical dumb blonde, team them up, and give them tasks which takes each out of their respective comfort zones. The geeks have to give an ALMOST NAKED GIRL a good massage (these are guys who have never touched a girl in their lives), the girls have to change a tire. Then, to make all the at-home viewers feel superior, at the end a couple of the teams are part of a trivia-based elimination. Sample questions which were not answered correct are: Who was Al Gore's vice-presidential running mate? Who was the president during the Civil War? What is the name of a Madonna song that is also a dance and a magazine? Which past president is a former governor of Arkansas? I was so embarassed for those fluffy girls and awkward boys.

Anyway, back to my main point.

That guy from Smallville is hot. I am not often reduced to a drooling idiot by the mere sight of a male form, but this man - OH MY GOD.

LOOK AT HIM! I'm all ready to set him as my desktop.

Maybe lusting after young men on the television is the sad version of a sex life I will have to get used to in my future as a crazy spinster cat lady. What a fun idea!

Anyway, girlfriends, check this man out. The show's on the WB. Wednesday nights. You won't be sorry.
Chris and I are loyal Smallville watchers, and have been from day one I'm afraid. God bless Clark Kent.
Hell I am straight and I wouldn't say no to him. Oh and hello Stacey hope you are well. - Brian
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