Friday, June 24, 2005
  Those $10, 46-oz. margaritas will be the death of me.
WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THIS?! Sorry the layout is all screwy; I didn't do anything, though!

So last night, me and my co-worker, Joel, went out to dinner.

I had shopping to do, for my niece, and he's bored out of his mind here since he doesn't know anyone. He has friends, but they're in Orlando, and a wife, but she's in Brazil. So he offered to come with me shopping and I offered to go get something to eat with him.

Then the rain started.

For those of you NOT in South Florida, it has rained just about every day this entire month. And not little rain showers that pass by, either; they're full-on storms.

So we were basically stranded at the Mexican place for two hours while we watched the water levels rise and fall outside. At one point, the table that we had been sitting at outside had five inches of water at its legs.

By the time it stopped, all the stores were closed and I was tipsy. On a school night!

So anyway, then it was 10:00 and I was home and too tipsy to be productive but too awake to go to bed. So I cut my finger when I tried to prepare the tortoise's food (it could've been much worse) and then called a bunch of people.

Including this guy that I had met last weekend who had called me. I don't usually give out my number, but he was insistent and I was drunk. We chatted for a little bit, then said our goodbyes and hung up. He called right back. "Are you dating anyone?" "No?" "Oh, okay, I just wanted to make sure. I'll sleep better now." I laughed and closed the call again.

I feel kind of bad now. I should've said, "No, but I don't want to be dating anyone."

The way I look at it, I'm kind of a weirdo. Like the other night, I was coaxed out of the house by a crying cat. It was late, but I gave into his pleas for attention and sat on the (wet) ground to pet him. Someone pulled in the lot and I had to get up to get out of their way and shoo the cats to safety. I saw myself in that guy's eyes for a second and was like, "Whoa." Some girl sitting outside at 1 a.m. getting wet to pet a scrawny little stray cat? I think there are people out there that would appreciate this - maybe 1 out of 1,000 people - but most people wouldn't get it, and would just think I was weird.

And I like not caring.

This guy who I talked to? If I told him I had 2 cats and feed a half dozen more, all of whom I worry about, and some of whom have been given names..

I guess what it boils down to is that the whole animal-loving side of me is way too significant to even think of being with someone who isn't like-minded, and most of the world isn't. The fact that most of the people on my block look at these poor creatures as a nuisance is proof of that. This is proof. This is proof. This is proof.

And no, meeting someone and agreeing to go out on a date with them or something wouldn't be a big deal, but.. eh, why bother?

Maybe I just need some type of disclaimer to wear. "You may like the hair, but I'm totally nuts. And have no desire to apologize for it."


I was trying to figure out your formatting problem for you, but when I checked back here I noticed it was fixed....but all of your old links and flickr stuff was gone. I have a copy of the source code of your page before your template change. Let me know if you want it. It might save you some time, rather than recreating all of the links manually.

Anyway, good luck.
yep, you're weird.
woah! i clicked to comment, clicked back, and everything had changed as if by magic! cool! like it.

you're so fab, and there is totally some guy just as fab out there thinking about how no one will get him either. i can't wait for you to meet. :)

I always tell Dawn that you are such a kind hearted girl (woman) and someday you will meet that right man. You are right not to rush things. Hey look at Serena..she isn't rushing into hugging! ;) By the way did you check out the picture of "the hugger?". Not many people do appreciate the things in life that you do! This is what makes you so damn special!
ok now, just because i want to eat something doesn't mean i consider it a nuisance.
Some day you will find that man that will love everything about you, even the crazy animal lady you have in there! And he will be worth the wait. I know, it's hard to convince yourself of that sometimes (that it's worth the wait at all).
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