Friday, July 29, 2005
  back to school


going crazy @ work again. did some degree audits and whatnot and am reminded how short i am for an A.A.: 1 speech class, 2 math classes. signed up for speech. have to re-test into the math to skip a prep course.

yes, folks, i am a total retard when it comes to the math.
unless you had a recent standardized test, when you register at college, you have to take a placement test. a perfect score would be a 120. in english, i got a 119. reading, 118. when i brought my scores back, the guy looked perplexed: "i didn't even know you could get a 119." misplaced comma? anyway, my math score was something like 60. no laughing!

i took algebra and geometry in high school and that was it because that was all that was required of me. and i don't like math. fast-forward a whole bunch of years, and i don't even remember that much.

anyway, instead of paying $150 for this "three credit" math prep class (three credits which count as nothing), i'm buying the damn book and learning myself. then onto college algebra, which i also hope to test out of so i won't have to wait.

the CLEP rocks. i took the CLEP for spanish and earned 8 college credits (that do count) in, like, 45 minutes. i got nearly a perfect score there, too. :) so anyway, think it's too lofty an idea to study for and CLEP out of college algebra?

the problem is that until i have my 60 credits and my A.A., going to a 4-yr is somewhat more complicated. i can take classes, but i cannot enroll. if i can't enroll, i can't get financial aid. not that i qualify for anything beyond loans anyway, but better loaned $450 per class than rent money.

so yeah, that's what's happening now.

i'm kind of confused. what happens after the A.A.? what 4-yr program do i enroll in? what do i want to do? i think i've found a niche and a passion in helping the helpless neighborhood critters, but learning to, say, be a vet is all math & science, baby. neither of which being my strong points, that makes me a big hesitant. on top of that, if i enter a 4-yr program for biology, i should've taken different classes these first two years instead of all this fun spanish and french stuff. which means more than two years of classes for my first "two years" of classes. dammit.

look, sloths in a box. not related to subject whatsoever. just cute. :)

on one hand, regarding the bio major thing, i mean.. how many class-A idiots are out there, majoring in biology? and i'm not an idiot. so i should be able to do it, right? i mean, it may be hard, but i should be able to do it with some actual effort. on the other hand, math is the one area where i really really know what it's like to be a stupid person and THAT'S NOT GOOD. does that make sense?

one day i realized i was always squinting and it dawned on me: this means i need glasses. squinting is what people who need glasses do. well, one day i was in math class and the professor was droning on and i was TRYING to process it, but my brain just wanted to quit. my brain hurt. and i went, "oh my god, this is how some people feel about EVERYTHING. this is what being stupid feels like!" so at least with me, it's just math. and football. and following directions. and eating cute little octopuses. and, you know, waking up really early in the morning on purpose.

so, back to the proverbial..

yeah, so i'm a flickr geek. sue me. :)

input would always be appreciated. :)


That is a scary dog!!

As for the college thing - no matter what you do, you will do great! You are an intelligent, determined woman who doesn't let anything get in her way!

If you don't want to deal with all the schooling of vet school and all that, maybe you could be a vet tech. One of the girls at work is a vet tech. She said it's a lot of science and math, but the math is really only up to an algebra level. Let me know if you want me to put you in touch with her.
Small world, Stacey. Found you while visiting KDunk. You live in FTL? Unreal. I live in Plantation. Just thought I'd drop by to say, "Hi neighbor."
You must have friends who can help you through the math... I'm fairly certain you've got at least one...
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