Friday, July 08, 2005
  A few things, quickly, on this Friday afternoon
Lordy, it's warm out there.

1. Help re: cat pee! The goddamn cat, Kitten I think, really loves to pee in my big plant. That causes me to have to dig as much dirt out of it as I could last Saturday night, replace it with some soil I had, and cover all of it with pillowcases. Today I see the pillowcases have been tampered with, one covered in pee, and.. well, I didn't really care to smell the dirt, but I'm guessing she used it as a litterbox again. Any suggestions on what I can do to steer her away from peeing in there? The only thing I can think of to put in the dirt that Kitten won't like and will therefore avoid is, well, another cat.

2. Got too much time on your hands? Read this book. The story behind the book is here. Long story short: on-demand publishers are scamming writers by offering to "publish" their books. Writers pay a fee. Nothing ever happens with their book. This company called Publish America is one of the scammers. They claimed to have high standards of what books they would accept for publishing. A group of sci-fi and fantasy writers got together over a weekend and each wrote one chapter of a book written to be unpublishable. Atlanta Nights is the result. It was accepted for publishing. Ha ha ha. :) If you don't like chapter one, the next chapter was written by someone else, so move on!

3. My fridge sucks. It stopped working Tuesday night. Had to take my stuff to my office refrigerator. They replaced it with another fridge, another old one - the space is so small I don't know if they'd make full-sizes refrigerators small enough to fit anymore - that started getting loud on night #1. Last night, it was so loud it kept me awake. This morning, so loud it made me grumpy. It's like having a goddamn motorcycle in my kitchen. And now I just got word they can't fix it and will have to get me a new one.. on Monday or Tuesday. It's been quiet today, so pray for me!
About your peed-on houseplant:
I have the same problem. I usually take some wire mesh (you can get it at Low's or some such store--if you get the hard kind you'll need pliers)and cut out a circle or square a little bigger than the pot the plant is in, then cut in a line to the center and cut a hole for the plant. Then you carefully slip it around the base of the plant and a)tape it in place if it's the soft window-screen kind or b)bend the edges so that they grip the pot if it's the hard kind, and then use tape.
Actually, I'd recommend that you get the hard, not-easy-to-bend-without-pliers type; if your cat peed right on the sheet, soft wire mesh won't stop her.

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