Monday, August 29, 2005
  the weekend report, take.. uh.. okay, i'm too tired to think.
it was a no-camera weekend. which is unfortunate, because the following snaps could have been captured had i kept my camera on me:


  1. the look on my face after coming home after a half-day at the office to a home with no power
  2. the insane traffic situation on the way down to doral - no stoplights, jerk drivers nearly causing accidents because they don't want to wait their turn in a friendly four-way stop
  3. alli's huuuuge cat and her roommate's huuuuuuge cats and the two miniature cats she found behind a dry cleaner's a couple of months ago
  4. the yum-yum pizza we got because i was whining and all i wanted was a pizza and a couch and a television set
  5. the box of wine, of which i had three glasses and fell asleep on the couch at 11 p.m. i highly recommend the box of wine! especially for us single people, 'cause it stays good longer..


  1. the cake, which was eaten for breakfast
  2. the one kitten trying to suckle on my t-shirt. he is now 3 months old but lost his mommy too early in life so now tries to suckle on people and it is the saddest thing
  3. all the hurricane damage in doral. it's so hard to believe a 1 does this much.. i can't fathom a 4 or a 5. there were trees down EVERYWHERE.. fences knocked over.. carports down.. it was bad.
  4. the insane amount of food we ate at the hoelschers'. leave it to the argentinos to have a two-course dessert. :)
  5. adorable niece ashley with her beads that entertained me the whole day
  6. alex's vacation slideshow and all that squatting
  7. blondie, the hoes' adorable foster dog. i tried to guilt-trip them the whole time into keeping her, but i don't think it worked.
  8. kicking matt's ass at "you don't know jack"
  9. getting my ass kicked by alex at "you don't know jack" and by matt. and by jan. dammit. AND THAT STUPID DANCE MATT WOULD DO EVERY TIME HE GOT A QUESTION RIGHT. star wars nerd. :p
  10. going home to a POWERED-UP place at 1 a.m.
  11. my mop during my three-hour OCD cleaning fit which lasted until 4 a.m... being chased by the kittens. they like the suds. i did two loads of wash, the dishes, swept and mopped the bedroom, the kitchen, the bathroom, cleaned litterboxes.. all in the middle of the night. oy.


  1. fish id class, to which we arrived 40 minutes late for the sake of dunkin donuts coffee (i was workin on 4 hours of sleep; it was not optional)
  2. thrift-store shopping with alli
  3. me, passed out on hollywood beach <<<>>>
  4. the guy in the speedo with a flag on it a few towels over.. why do men wear those things?!
  5. the look on my face when i arrived home from alli's at 7:40 and had to hurry to get ready and back out the door as i had made plans with lucas before i knew i was going to only get 4 hours of sleep on saturday
  6. the cider lucas handed to me upon my walking in the door. and he bought it at publix, alli! i also highly recommend the cider. with the um.. bull on it? i can't remember.
  7. enzo, lucas' dog, which i love. pit bull mix, dumb as a box of rocks, and super sweet.
  8. lucas opening the car door for me. :) yes, he's nice and cute. i feel bad for thinking he must be a jerk (not as a person, mind you; just when it comes to "women" if that makes sense) when i met him, seeing as how he's so easy on the eyes.. because he really is just horribly nice, sweet, and funny. and vulgar, too, but that's fun 'cause i am too. :)
  9. our cozy booth at the melting pot.
  10. the confusion caused by the 50 million components to the meal and the corresponding dipping sauces. "which one was the angry sauce again?"
  11. THE LOBSTER I ATE. yes, i ate lobster. is that bad? i just couldn't see letting lucas spend $85 on our main course and me only enjoy the mushroom and squash parts. that is the first time i ever ate lobster.. and it was pretty good. now, i'm not turning my back on the vegetarian thing.. and i'm really kind of confused about the whole thing.. but point is, i felt okay about it. it's not as if i ate the other stuff that came with the meal - the sirloin, the filet mignon.. don't ask me where the distinction lies, because it confuses me as well. BY THE WAY, i HIGHLY recommend this place. i'd go just for dessert, really - strawberries, marshmallows, bananas, pineapple, cheesecake, brownies.. all for dipping in chocolate sauce. yum!
  12. swimming at midnight in the backyard. on a sunday night. in boca raton. 40 minutes from here. yep, i'm a responsible girl! (i played the hurricane card this morning for work so i could catch my breath.)
and now me, so. so. so. tired and looking forward ONLY to getting home and resting..

it was a hectic weekend, and far better than i would've thought going into it.. no power? yuck! but who needs power when you have sweet friends like alli, the hoes, and lucas. :)
I'm very disappointed in the lobster!
Sounds like you had a great weekend! What's that about the kitty being 3 months old and losing it's mommy? Is that one of your new babies you're talking about?
LOVE the Melting Pot!!! And yes, going for just dessert is by far the best idea.
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