Tuesday, September 06, 2005
for those of you i don't call every time i'm bored on the turnpike, here's what happened this weekend:

friday night i stayed at alli's so she'd have company as she packed up her old place. we watched coming to america and better off dead, neither of which she had seen. i really felt it was my duty to introduce her to them, you know. now, thank god, we can make sexual chocolate and "you like corn" jokes.

the next day, we went out for breakfast at don pan, where i became horrified at the fact that i DARED TO LEAVE THE HOUSE without curling my hair or matching my shoes to my purse or putting on three pounds of jewelry. latinas really are something.. and i thank god i don't live in miami, amongst them. far too much effort goes into looking good. i mean, there's a time and a place for everything; i love to dress up. i love to get glammed- and prettied-up, but i certainly don't want to do it before a grocery run. lord. latinas, give us crackers a break!

the rest of saturday is pretty much a blur. oh, no, i remember - i did lots of house work / yard work. then i showered. then i met up with lucas to give him back his wallet, which i had stolen a few days before, and took advantage of the opportunity of being in cracka-ass fort lauderdale to track me down some damn cider. not only did i find cider at the first liquor store i went to, but i was pretty sure the guy who worked there was inviting me to watch jazz with him the next day at riverwalk. yes, fort lauderdale is pretty white. (but this is good - if you wear a prom dress to publix there, you actually will feel overdressed.)

then i took a bath.

then alli came up for mexican food and HUMAN-SIZED DRINKS (for once). then we went to the late-night bookstore and i got a book dawn will want to read, a book about the deep ocean, and a book i keep hearing about being good. then went home, where i went to bed to read and alli fell asleep reading national geographic on the couch.

the bookstore is great - would you believe they leave books out all night and have this sign on the door?

ahh, silly hippies.

sunday, it was off to help alli move from here:

to freaking south beach. cool move, well, sideways - right?

everyone got very sweaty (me included, you boy jerks!):

and those of us who did not anger matt got beer as a reward. i am not counted in that group, however. i got soda.

her new place is great - wood floors, tons of windows, three blocks from the beach. she's taking scaredy cat, so i'm happy one of the kittens will have a trendy place to live. :)

then monday - labor day! - i woke up at 6 a.m. (honestly) at the start of the law & order marathon. no alarm clock or nothin'. (don't worry, i did go back to sleep.) ed was in town at like 1 p.m. and called to see if he could stop by to see the kittens. "Sure!" i said and scrambled to get out of my robe and into the shower.. caught! caught being lazy! at least the weather was shit, so i had an excuse. we went out for mexican (ha ha) and had margaritas (huge mistake).. i drank 3/4 of mine so promptly went to sleep when i got back to my place. i woke up 7 or 8 or so - with a hangover. yaaaaaaay. but for those of you that scolded me that seeing ed would not be a good idea - no worries, it was all good. :) besides that 8 p.m. hangover, of course. you'd think i'd have built up some sort of tolerance by now, but the headache says no.

now it's back to - sigh - the work week. and we're supposed to have bad weather again this coming weekend.. i will get to go diving again someday, i hope!
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