Wednesday, September 21, 2005
  i usually leave the celeb stuff alone
even though i follow it (mostly in the supermarket checkout line), for i know you guys come here for 100% cat news (the interesting stuff).
but i gotta say.. any of you follow this kate moss bs?
she's having contracts canceled because there is a picture of her doing cocaine floating around.  i think it's quite silly.. if you want your kate moss kate-moss thin, then expect her do some blow here and there.  lord knows the girl can't eat.  honestly, was anyone surprised by the "kate moss does cocaine" "news"?  \/\/hatever.
also, i am an avid follower of the train wreck known as tara reid.  i read they're replacing her on that crap show she was doing with kendra wilkinson.  from the country band a few years ago?  huh?  so i did a google search and this is what i came up with
seems like a rather strange replacement.
also, look what came up as a match when i did a search for my last name.  dawn, we related to a tom?  i love when you look up my name, you get BUTTER as a match.  feels like the internet is making fun of me, just a little. 
I like the cats, I've been more interested in your hot man from the 'Rita pictures and Toby Keith concert - what's happening girl!!!
I have to laugh because when I saw the whole Kate Moss thing, I said to a co-worker, "What do you expect her to do? She can't eat!!" *lol* Great minds think alike!
I wasn't surprised by KM at all. In a way, I suppose that's a bit sad. Yeah, she's a stick, she's a model - she's coked up! Unless she's on the Olsen/Ritchie/Lohan Lettuce leaf diet!

Ha Ha Ha! I love to google random parts of my name. Especially since my maiden name is 10 letters long and starts with "Bonk". I know that I am related to whoever I find with that search!
I fully admit that I am a celebrity gossip whore, and I too was not surprised by the exposure of the crackhead. I don't think she's even denying it! Tara Reid needs to give it up and find a nice desk job like the rest of us!
sorry, oh commenter.. he and i have had a hard time getting together - i was busy all day saturday this w/end and he was busy all day sunday, for example. if all else fails, i'll make sure to get pics around christmastime - we'll both be in wisconsin (probably) and can maybe meet up at bronco's. ;)
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