Monday, September 19, 2005
  my, my slow descent into eremitism
one question that keeps resounding on this blog is - why do people have to suck so bad?
this morning, i was AWOKEN FROM LOVELY, LOVELY sleep by a knocking on my door.
piece of evidence #1 that someday i will be a hermit:
i hate when people come to my house.  unless i'm expecting them.  hate, hate, hate.  i especially hate it when it involves me waking up from a lovely nap on my couch or a lovely dream in my bed. 
it was the landlord.  he knows the cat lady next door feeds the cats.  and that is the reason i regularly give him for the fact that we have cats around.  and it's true. 
he said he asked her to start feeding at the other end of her parking lot, away from our place.
if they're still hanging around in our yard in a week, he'll call the humane society to come get them.
also, he thinks they're going under the house, so he's sealing that opening up.
this sucks for so many reasons.
#1.  the cats do not hurt anyone. 
#2.  there are like three at any given time in sight.  sometimes they hang out on our picnic table that no one uses.  sometimes they take shade under it.  how goddamn dare they, right?
#3.  the cats go under the house to escape the 100-degree heat or thunder & rain.  that, again, does not hurt anyone.  and we have a hurricane coming TOMORROW! 
#4.  the only cats i see that go under the house are my beloved fluffy and my miserable kitten.  i deposited catherine in there before the last hurricane.  that's it.  yes, they're going to COMPLETELY RUIN THE *DIRT* UNDER THE HOUSE.
#5.  i called.  the humane society does not collect strays unless they are trapped.  nor does the county.  though they will collect them if they're trapped.  and you can imagine how adoptable a grown-up, goofy stray is.  and the county shelter is depressingly bad.
this means i gotta get rabies tags for fluffy and kitten pronto (they're vaccinated, they just are not wearing collars). 
oh, also, kitten was under the house today when i went to work.  i came home at lunch and the hole was sealed up.  is kitten still inside?  i guess we'll see. 
why do people suck so bad, i want to know?  the cats can't help it they're homeless.. it's so mean to basically kill them because their PRESENCE annoys you.  to not have the three boy cats get into trouble, i'd have to get them all fixed w/ rabies shots.. something which is no small feat.  it's not so expensive - $30 per - but i need a $100 deposit for the trap.  agggh.
i'm exploring options for them, trying to find a nicer neighborhood.  it's just sad.  and not the way i want to start a week, bright and early on a monday morning..
awwww. I'm sorry. :( Is there anyway to accidentaly open the seal enough that a cat can still get under the house? What a mean mean man.
I'm totally with you on people coming to my house unexpectedly. I'm usually in my pajamas and looking rough when that happens. Luckily, I can just run back to the bedroom and let Daniel answer the door!
Good luck with your cats- you are a good person to help them as much as you can.
Did you ever find out if Kitten was under the house? Mean ole man! Some people are just born mean. I can't understand people who don't love animals. It's not like the cats are hurting anyone!
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