Thursday, September 15, 2005
  just a secretary
any time it's the middle of the month, just excuse any whining or mewing i do.  the hormones aren't helping, if you know what i mean.  i find it a particularly cruel situation that the week i have to give up the kittens falls during the same week i will cry over merrill lynch commercials.
let me see.. news here?  i've been too busy to write..
#1: my free (illegal) cable got shut off on monday.  ?!  luckily, the nice comcast lady came over on tuesday and let me know they had a special - $9.99 for the first three months, no contract involved.  so at least that buys me some briscoe time.
#2: my speech class is going fine.  the teacher is totally ignorant, but it makes for much amusement.  on the first night of class, she revealed that she had a child at 17 but went on to get her master's from nyu.  i was super impressed.  it was all downhill from there.  last night, she said that chinese people are taught before they come to the united states to never say "i'm sorry" to someone after a car accident, because it shows fault.  "the chinese are a very apologetic, very sweet people."  that's nice, mrs. d.  "but don't think you can mess with them, because they'll pull some kung-fu on you."  i swear to god she said this.  a woman who prides herself on embracing cultural diversity.  she also referred to customs of a tribe called the fulani as "stupid things they do" and calls hair scrunchies "squidgies."  a squidgy?!  so, yeah, wow.  this should be interesting...
#3: i had a crap day yesterday.  first, these people downstairs have had this sign for a new sub-tenant of ours for two weeks.  all they had to do was unlock the cabinet by the elevator, slide the name in, and re-lock it.  TWO WEEKS TO DO THIS.  so i called yesterday, again.  the office manager said it'd be done that day or the next.  i said, hey, that's what you said monday.  you've had the sign for two weeks and it would only take you one minute.  he said, "i detect a bit of sarcasm in your voice."  i laughed because, you know, why wouldn't he?  he then went off on me.. and at one point said something along the lines of the fact that i'm just the secretary here, so if [my boss] had a problem, [my boss] could call.  uhh.  okay, mr. dick office manager, first, i'm an executive assistant.  get it straight.  (don't worry, i'm kidding here.)  actually, my boss referred to me as office manager today, so i have the same freaking TITLE as you.  but no matter what someone's title is, no matter what they do for a living, that does not give you the right to talk down to them like that.  so it was crappy on that level.  also on the level that.. you know.. this is where i am.  a secretary.  an assistant.  an office manager.  that's not what i want to be but i don't know what i want to be.  right now, i'd settle for helping animals in katrina.  i dunno.  but it kinda screws up your day when some guy's nasty comment throws you into a loop about your life.  jerk.  i'm so egging his car.  is there any surprise that it's an SUV?
#4: i don't get to dive at the condo any more.  then i found out that the condo association sent a letter to byron's dad about me using the beach there with my friends.  all byron's dad would have to do is call and say, "She's my guest, stop being assholes."  but he won't do it.  being bull-headed, as dads tend to be.  byron tried for me - byron, if you read this, thank you for trying.  nevertheless, that kinda screws up my weekends.  i'm thinking we'll haul all our gear to the beach in front of the condo (public property) and have four-course meals out there, complete with wine and candles.  just to bug 'em.  we'll see..  and then i was kicking myself, too.  the guards were being complete jerks about it and my response was, "look, i used to live here. i have a key because they let me have a key."  i wasn't rude or mean, but i wasn't giving them any ass-kissing over what i felt was a right of someone who was given use of the place.  which didn't really happen, but BYRON knew i was going.. so, you know, by proxy it was okay.  if i had an attorney type of personality, i would've gone to schmooze the jerks.  but i didn't.  i need to read that book "how to win friends and influence people" because, after my dealings with mr. jerk office manager from downstairs and finding that out about the condo, it's obvious my people skills aren't doing me any good at this point.
#5: byron is taking a kitten!  i just have to get it there.  :)  and i got a call about a lady who wants two girl cats.. not sure if that's possible, so i'll just have to talk her into taking two.  i hope mini fluffy goes to someone i know.  i love them all, mind you.. but there's something special about her.  last night, i held her in my hand - she still fits - and was playing with her.  i'd rub her belly, she'd bite my hand, repeat.  then all of a sudden, she just drifted off to sleep.  of course, i shook her awake and said, "STOP BEING SO GODDAMN CUTE! I'M NOT KEEPING YOU!!!"  (again, kidding.)  i wish i could.  the house is going to be so quiet without them.  and clean.  but quiet.  :(   amusingly, my two "official" cats have been making themselves scarce lately.  kitten comes in for five minutes a day and wants back out.  elliot has taken to sleeping in the bedroom, something he's never done.  i guess i'm not the only one overwhelmed by four balls of fluffy energy.  :)
I'm sorry you have to give away your kittens. =( I think you should keep Mini Fluffy. What's one more, really?
And may those mean old men who are being rude and evil get fire ants in their pants in the very near future. Hopefully things will brighten for your weekend!
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