Friday, September 09, 2005
  i don't think i ask for much in life..
but someday, someday maybe..
*i will have a savings account whose entire funds cannot be cleared out to pay my fpl bill.  which is what i have to do today.
*i will have enough dough to go see a mechanic if something goes wrong with my car.  which will mean that..
*i will have a car that does not do anything iffy, that does not have any "tricks."  like my pontiac 6000 - to get to listen to anything other than an abba tape, i had to take the key out of the ignition (i could do this while it was running), press 'eject' and stick the key under the tape to keep it out of the playing mechanism. 
    -    these days, i have a car radio that constantly makes crackling noises.  goes off for a day, or a week, at a time.  sometimes turning it off and turning it back on helps.  sometimes if it stops working, i just have to pull forward a foot or so and it comes back on.  or sometimes turning the volume down helps.  for anyone who knows me, you'll know how much i like music - so how much this causes me to suffer.  agggh!
     -    it also makes a funny noise when i turn the a/c on.  but, of course, the a/c stopped working about a month ago, so i just never turn it on.  of course, that means it's really hot.  in florida.  in the summer.  97 today.   makes cross-town trips interesting.  and sweaty.  and, of course, sometimes it still makes the noise.
*i will find a relationship that never causes me to throw my phone.
    -    this may sound like a strange goal, but it's real.  my very own first cell phone was a nokia.  it survived many throws across the parking lot.  but one of the last fights led to its demise; i made the mistake of having it in the bathroom at work.  so many hard surfaces for it to bounce off!  and the little solider kept working, but the screen was in a dozen pieces, so i had to get a new one.
    -     one of my friends and i were discussing cell phones.  he said he had a nokia that was really good.  "me too.  it lasted forever," i said.  then he told me why he no longer has his - "well, me and my ex-gf got in a fight."  i about died laughing.  so i'm not the only one that takes her anger out on her phone!
    -     so someday, that's what i hope for - a relationship that allows my motorola to keep functioning.
*i will win my battle against split ends.  and look nice in a bathing suit.  and make friends with someone who has a boat.  
*i will also get to bed tom welling.  and he will also clean out the litterboxes for me.  and sweep.  for god sake, please let him sweep.
*and while we're at it, i will have a nikon d70, an ipod, and some damn scuba tanks.  and i will find the remote control to my dvd player.
i think that's it.. for now.  i don't wish for too much, do i?  really, i'd be happy with just the savings account and the non-sketchy car.  someday!
tom welling is married....

sorry I had to.
I hear you on the savings account and car thing. My brakes make a loud clunking sound everytime I am at a halt, but yet, i can't afford to fix them until next thursday aka payday. It sucks and I am just hoping the brakes will last me until then!
I don't think you're asking for too much at all! I wish I knew what I wanted enough to be able to make a list!
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