Sunday, October 23, 2005
  I caught a crab!

Me? A goofball? What?, originally uploaded by estacey.

[Don't bother; those jokes have already been made.]

I'm always intrigued by the little crabs at the marina hanging out on all the ladders, but I never bothered trying to catch one, thinking I'd be unsuccessful. As I proved yesterday, not so! I caught two. One was a little pincher, but only for a few seconds, then he chilled, as you can see in the picture. Very neat little creatures.

I also saw an Atlantic spadefish right there in the marina.. The kind that kissed me once diving! Very cool. I tried to give it crackers but it was not at all interested.

I was so happy I went sailing yesterday.. We weren't even going to bother trying, with Wilma looming, but then the landfall date changed to Monday so we figured we'd give it a shot. And hey, good call; we had a lovely day on the water.. even had the drama of getting GROUNDED and having a nice Frenchman on a pleasure cruise with his dog tow us out to deeper water. Then we went to Shuckers and stayed long past our welcome but had a very good time.

I realized something yesterday - that it's an absolute tragedy that I didn't grow up in Florida. I am absolutely happiest at the seashore.. Not like here so much, but down in the Keys, where you look over as you're laying out and see a ghost crab has emerged from a hole right by your towel. Or where you can find conchs in the shallows. I get somewhat the same experience there at the marina, where I can find crabs and snails, spot fish and manatees in the water, spoil some marina-dwelling cats, then share my food with the ducks and vultures. To use one of my most favorite expressions, I would've been happy as a clam to grow up here. You know, to have been here at an age where it would have been socially acceptable/normal of me to catch some scurrying little crabs. Ahh, to dream..

Anyway, now it's time to go hunker down at home. It's okay; I have my hurricane supplies this time: Pria bars, water, batteries, and crossword puzzles. I plan big.

It turns out that the "abandoned" apartment where Mamacat's mama (and her babies) live is not actually abandoned at all; Alli and I went there Friday to feed the cats and there was a light on! Scary stuff; the place is like a packrat's hovel. So I don't think I'll be drilling up a tarp there as originally planned. The storm is going to be a one, from what I hear, so I hope the cats can just find a place to hide away.. There isn't much I can do but hope. :(

Anyone who's reading this, you can go ahead and say a little prayer for me. Not for my safety; I'll be fine. But for me to keep my power as long as possible. You never know how much you cherish your power until it's off!

I'm suspecting you don't have power! Hope you and the kitties are ok!
So very trus, definitely dont realise how much you miss it, and all the powered devices, until its gone. Prayer said for you.
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