Monday, November 14, 2005
  Emergency! Mamacat needs a home!!!
Background, for those of you who don't know: I have stray cats in my neighborhood. I am kind to them. I pet them and feed them down the street. They sometimes hang out in my yard. I also am housing a Mamacat and the last of her three babies to go to a new home. I am so evil, right?

Last night, the landlord's evil cat-catching scheme was put into motion.. My insomniac 3-a.m. reading was interrupted by a cat crying. I went outside to investigate and found my Fluffy in a trap, covered in sardine oil. I let him out of the trap and into my house and then spotted Mamacat, who got out of the house for the first time in over 4 months yesterday. I went to catch her and then the landlord came storming out of the apartment he's been staying in to confront me about letting Fluffy go. Long story short, we argued for, like, a half hour.. during which my landlord completely lied about what is in my lease (as if I don't have a copy!).. during which my neighbor came out and threatened to KILL ALL THE CATS WITH HIS GUN all the while making throat-slitting gestures.. during which I offered 10 million times to take care of the cats once he caught them, just that I thought it was unfair they had to go in the first place so the trying-to-catch-them was too upsetting..
I kept my crap together pretty well until the evil neighbor came out of his house and started freaking out.. At which point I started to cry. It is so sad that people look at the poor homeless sweet cats as rats rather than have some compassion for them.
The landlord said I could have one cat. I said no way; so are you going to evict me? By the end of it, and after the neighbor guy's crazy rant, the landlord said that if I needed to, I could break my lease. Which is a thought - it's just.. I like my place, I like the location. But now I have a neighbor that basically scares me. What an uncomfortable situation.

An amusing thought, tho - I'm reading this book Affluenza and started to feel guilty around the part it said we don't know our neighbors. "We should have a cook-out," I thought. Meaning my little courtyard of apartments. Well, so much for that.

This morning, there was a knock on my door. The landlord had caught Mamacat. And he won't give her back. She is, after all, not "officially" mine - she was hanging out in my house til the last kitten left and I could get her fixed. So since I don't have her shots, she's not "mine." I couldn't argue with him too much, since I wanted him to let me help at least.. but that means I had to leave Mamacat in his trap, crying and pacing. I've been crying since. :(

I really need to find her a good home. She is very shy, but as sweet as can be. In fact, I linger in bed sometimes just so she hops up with me so I'll pet her. She's adjusted very well to being indoors and never, ever tries to get out - until yesterday, anyway. So I think she could either be an indoor or an indoor/outdoor cat.

Please pass this along. Not finding her a home myself is out of the question; she's far too sweet a cat to just drop off at the shelter. I would keep her myself, as I planned to while she was in the house and under the landlord's radar if I couldn't find her a loving home, but now.. Well, I can't get him to give her back.

Go look at what a great mama she was:

You should check state law, in some states if you take care of a stray for 24 hours (feed etc) they become legally yours.

If the cat was found in a trap which was damaging to the cat - take a picture (you seem to like picture taking) and nail him on animal abuse.

Also, check state law on eviction, I understand that once you get a letter for it you don't even have to pay rent or leave until the courts say so....that could take a while.
Thank you, anonymous! I think she could be called legally mine.. I dunno - take her back by force? She doesn't have her shots (that was coming w/ the fixing; she was indoors anyway).. I think if he called me on it at the Humane Society, it would be a hefty fine. I dunno.

She's not going anywhere without me knowing about it; that I'm sure of. Or then I will declare my ownership rights and get his ass in trouble for taking a cat in that he knew was being cared for by someone. I am hoping it won't come to that, however.

Thank you for all your information!!
I asked my dad if we could adopt another cat--he said no (we live in Virginia anyway). Try putting up flyers. And I definitely agree with that first comment. Nail the bastard for animal abuse! (heh...sorry for the bad language. couldn't resist. ;) He's got it comin' anyway. And while you're at it, what that nasty neighbor of yours did sounds kind of illegal too. I mean, I'm pretty sure that threatening to shoot someone's cat is against the law. Or it should be, anyway.
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