Friday, December 23, 2005
Ha ha, those baby pictures are funny!  I didn't realize all the babies posed so different!
So I'm moving this weekend.  I'm excited, but also sad.. I'm going to miss coming home for lunch!  I usually stop in and have a little love-fest with the cats, even if I have other things to do on my lunch hour.  Kitten has actually been nice lately.. It seems that her friend, Bigote, has been beatin' up on her lately.  She's actually scared of him!  So she's been inside a lot and much nicer than she used to be.  I even include her in my lunchtime snuggling - and she lets me!  And she purrs!  Then I pet the big fat Fluffball.. then I go find Elliot, who is invariably sleeping in my bed.
Anyway, I feel bad that Kitten is scared of one of the neighbor cats, so even better that we're moving.. I just hate the timing.  And I have a cold on top of all this.  Grr!  It's not so bad, though.. And I'm used to getting SICk when I get sick, so being just "eh" with the sniffles is a lot better.
Fluffy last night was sitting on the arm of the couch with me.  When I'd stop petting him, he'd lift his paw up and set it on me, like to nudge me.  Did it twice.  It was really cute.  When I'd pet him, he'd kinda collapse in ecstacy.. at one point, his entire body weight was resting on my forearm.  Had I moved, he would've crashed onto the floor.  Trusting little guy.
I'm looking forward to Christmas... I have a little Christmas Sangria recipe and may even attempt flan!  We'll see.  :)
I'm also looking forward very much to living so close to the gym.  I keep finding myself singing Trina's "Pull Over That Ass Is Too Phat (Whoop whoop!)" every time I catch a glimpse of myself in a shop window.  But I mean it "fat."  And considering I'm going home early next year.. well, yeah, I better get this fat ass on an elliptical.  I was doing so well.. until Wilma!  Let's blame the hurricanes for everything, right?  :)

O-tay. Lates.
Zicam, Bob swears on it. Whenever he feels like its getting sick he uses Zicam. His mom said the other nurses at work swear by it too. Seems to help him.
Good luck with the move and your Christmas dinner attempt!!
I heard the average gain in poundage during the holidays is 1 lb. and people never take it off!!
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