Thursday, January 05, 2006
  can we rescuscitate chivalry?
today i went to the old place to pick up my bike. wearing heels and a minidress, i tried all sorts of ways to get that bugger in my little civic. after five minutes, all i had accomplished was getting dirt in my shoes and cursing quite a bit.

the entire time, some guy from the pilco was watching me, smoking a cigarette. ha ha, what a good show this poor frustrated girl is!

finally, i stop and look at him pointedly. "can i help?" he yelled over, getting the hint. "that would be very nice of you, yes."

so he came over and ended up taking the back tire off and we got it in no problem, me pulling on it from the back seat and him pushing.

now, that was great of him to help, and i thanked him sincerely five or so times. i just wonder why the hell he didn't offer to help. what ever happened to the whole concept of chivalry? the last time i was trying to get that same bike in that same car someone was watching me from that same damn building and didn't offer to help, despite the fact that i was nearly crying by the end of the ordeal. and i never got the bike in the car, either.

and this isn't even a question of sex, of men helping women (although i have to say, it's even more tasteless when a man stands by while you struggle). instead, it's a question of kindness and empathy. i open doors quite regularly for other people and always offer to help when i see someone needs it. if a guy was carrying a lot while i stood loadless, you bet i'd offer to help. recently, some poor girl at target was trying to get a big box out of her car and into a shopping cart but the cart kept trying to roll away. out of the dozen or so people that must have seen her struggling before me, no one else had offered to help. i held the cart for 15 seconds and her problem was solved.

so anyway, a reminder to y'all - be nice! instant karma, you know - it's gonna getcha. :)
it's because, as a man, you simply can't win. Every time you go through a door with a lady behind do you hold it open or just let it go. I normally hold it open but 50% of the time you get a look of "oh look, just because I'm a poor defenceless lady you're holding the door for me". Vosotros can't have it both ways, chicas!! :-)
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