Thursday, March 09, 2006
  Help save the manatees!

Manatee Drinking Water, originally uploaded by ecocentrikGuy.

Please go sign this. Remember: the manatee population right now is only between 2-3,000. How could anyone consider offering them less protection than they have now when they're being killed in record numbers? Unreal.

"The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is recommending that manatees be downlisted from endangered to threatened status on the state level.

Last year was the second highest manatee mortality year on record. Just in the last five years, 1682 manatees have died in Florida waters and of those, 398 were killed by boats. That is almost an 18% increase over the previous five-year period. Furthermore, state scientists estimate the manatee population could drop by half in the next 50 years because of habitat loss, red tide poisoning and boat collisions. The population is far from stable.

Manatees are poised to be downlisted regardless of how they are faring in the wild because of a calculated effort by special interest groups opposed to boat speed zones and restrictions on development.

Later this summer, the FFWCC will vote on this issue. If the commission approves, restrictions that have kept in check boat speeds, seawalls, docks and waterfront home-building could be diluted or eliminated. Urge Governor Bush to take a stand and keep protections for the manatee in place!"

me too!! i have a love for these creatures too. i was born in manatee county florida. me and snooty (the oldest manatee (that they know of)) are old friends.. we used to feed him as kids. my brother and i were in florida last week and we made a special trip to bradenton to the south florida museum just to see him.
here's a picture:
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