Monday, April 03, 2006
  Oh, am I ever sore!
What a long and really good weekend!

Let's see. Friday night I stayed home and went to bed early. Why?

Because I had signed myself up for Beach Boot Camp! 8 a.m., Fort Lauderdale beach.

It was a heckuva workout. It finished at 9:30 and I was just so happy to be up and awake on a gorgeous day so early, with a 90-minute workout already behind me! It was really quiet grueling, and the sun was beginning to make me feel ill at one point, but that passed and I feel so good about it that I'm going back next Saturday.

Just in case I wasn't already guaranteed to wake up sore the next day, I followed this by a three-hour kayaking excursion in the afternoon. My roommate Balu had an organization picnic at Oleta River State Park to go to and invited me along. Although I came to the picnic quite late, it was in plenty of time to go kayaking, so a few of us did. It was my first time kayaking and I really loved it. There were a few islands we made pit stops at, so I got to play fetch with a weimeraner and check out a million half-inch long fiddler crabs. Too bad I didn't have my camera along!

Saturday night was another early night as building Wailey's enclosure was on the agenda for Sunday. However, we did have a great breakthrough that night - Wailey ate! In front of me! Usually, the second I set him down, he heads off for somewhere to hide.

Sunday morning, Mark drove up (bless his heart) to help me and Balu with the tortoise enclosure. After much planning and discussing, we finally figured out a good spot for it and started it. Well, they started it. I hung around, feeling useless, and then went inside and did some women's work. (Dishes. Ha ha.) The enclosure isn't all that attractive, but it works and it's built out of extra wood Balu had laying around, so at $0, it was quite a bargain. It struck me as the pen was coming into shape how much I lucked out, roommate-wise. Not only does Balu tolerate the cats clawing down the screens on his sliding doors, but he doesn't mind awkward little tortoises trudging around the house, or turning part of his yard into a tortoise pen. And not only that, but he helped build the enclosure. Helped! Ahh! Bless the Craigslist, assisting me to find a couch and a bed and a great roommate!

After Balu had to run off to his rowing practice, Mark & I went to Home Depot to pick out some plants for the enclosure. By the time we got back, it was nearing on sunset.. So we worked as fast as we could to get the prickly plants out, the new plants in, and everything settled in. Although it was dark by the time we finished, I was pretty stubborn about having Wailey sniff around his new digs.

So this picture was taken in the dark.
Both Wailey and Bjorn are in the enclosure today. I hope they're happy!

Last night, it was Law & Order and pizza and now back to work! A bit more tan, a lot more sore, but happy. :)
The enclosure looks really nice!
what a great weekend! you've got some really lucky turtles!
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