Sunday, May 07, 2006

these are the squat anemone shrimp that i saw the other day.

so yesterday was the air & sea show with my friends, in celebration of alex's birthday. again. he started planning this beach bbq thing after we had decided to do a surprise party/dive, so that means he got two parties!

it was fun.. lovely laura made food just for me, so i got to eat some yummy thai food with tofu.. i brought tres leches.. there were plenty of drinks.. very nice. sadly, the water got so rough that we couldn't go diving as planned. the rough water did make swimming fun, though.

then we took the party back to alex's place (a block from the beach), where we succeeded in scaring his friend chris away. really. "where'd chris go? did we scare him away?" i asked. "you almost scared me away," alex answered. we made sure alex got more vodka.

at one point, alex freaked out at me for licking the salt from my fingers, then reaching back into the bag for more potato chips. i was 1. confused and 2. insulted. a few minutes later, alex needed me to hold his drink for a moment. so i licked it. and now this is why i love my friends: i held the glass out to laura and to alli and each of them knew exactly what i wanted: lick, lick.

the party went on late for us old folks, and alex had a fish id class to teach today, so once he started to look worn down, i herded us all out to the bar down the street. luis went to sleep in the car instead, though. i'm proud of myself - i never go out anymore. i certainly never stay out late anymore. i did both last night! kinda! (if you can count talking at an outside table at a beach bar while sipping alli's diet coke as "going out".)

yep, good times. now today it's gorgeous again - this is no surprise since it is relentlessly gorgeous in florida. every day. *knock on wood* but the air & sea show is still going on, so the only place i can dive is at the pier (too much boat traffic out where we usually do our shore dives).. ahh, i'll figure it out. maybe i'll hang out and do laundry today and nap some more. :)
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