Friday, June 09, 2006
  He did it!

Ed in Triathlon, originally uploaded by estacey.

Ed's triathlon in San Francisco was last Sunday. I didn't hear from him for a day or so afterwards, so I started to get worried, but he did call me back - he survived it, and did great. :)

He said that the course was very challenging (picture training for a SF race on a landscape that only varies once you hit a landfill) but beautiful. It does look really pretty in the pictures; I need to get to San Francisco someday. Dive the kelp forests. Visit the Monterey Bay aquarium. And look how great Ed looks! Now you understand all that sexual harassment, right? :)

The race took about 3.5 hours.. that just totally amazes me. That's nearly half a workday! Of swimming/biking/running! Wow. I'm very impressed, and very proud.

I've been watching the kitties for him while he's been gone. It's bittersweetly touching how sad they are without him here. I was in a hurry last night when I went by, and planned on running in, filling food dishes, and going right back out the door, but Lucy's heartbroken cries swayed me into laying in the grass with her for a bit, petting her while she alternately cried and purred.

Last night, I continued with the few resolutions I have recently implemented for myself: 1) No more DD coffee. Well, maybe on the weekends. 2) Make one new dish per week. 3) Stop getting dehydrated! (I now keep a gallon jug and a glass of water on my desk.) 4) Attend at least one fitness class at my gym each week. (Not GO to the gym once per week, but actually take advantage of the classes they offer..) So last night was Power Yoga.

I tend to go into panic mode in any of these do-things-in-public-that-you-may-look-stupid-doing deals, but I've overcome that. Well, then I met the yoga instructor who had us PAIR UP with other people in the class. I hate that whole pairing-up thing; they did it to us at BCC, too. It's so awkward to look around the room if you don't know anybody and figure out who's going to work with whom.

The way we were distributed on the floor, it made most sense for me to pair up with the one guy in the class. Mistake. I mean, I figured he wouldn't be masterfully flexible, so that was good, but.. it just. yeah, not cool. We had to hold hands and face each other and stretch, lock arms from the back and stretch, put our feet together while we stretched out our legs.. On top of that, the guy smelled a little funny (and when I say "funny", I mean "bad"), which made me question the stain on his jogging pants. Blech. On top of that, he was about 1/4 as flexible as I was, even though I'm 1/4 as flexible as the devoted yogis in the class. So, needless to say, half of the hour-long class was pretty much a wash. A stinky wash. The second half was good, though, and I followed it with 40 minutes of cardio on the machines. With good eating combined, if I don't start fitting in my regular pants soon, I'm gonna throw a fit.

Ha ha, Balu knows me entirely too well now. He came to the workout Wednesday night at the beach, where it was incredibly breezy; there were a dozen parasailers in the angry-looking water. I honestly about tore my hair out right there; I had to re-do it about five times so it wouldn't whip in my face and in my mouth, etc., while we were working out. When we got back to our cars afterwards, Balu made a comment about how nice it was outside. "Yeah, except for this GODDAMN WIND!" I said, frustrated and trying fruitlessly to keep my hair tucked behind my ears. "Can I ask you a personal question?" he asked. "Huh?" "Are you getting your period?" Hehehe. I'm pretty sure that a woman killed her husband a while back and got off without legal punishment when he made some bitchy-period comment, but I just laughed and said, "Maybe. Even though it'd be a week early, I think that's why I slept all weekend." And maybe why I about had a meltdown trying to get dressed for work yesterday ("NOTHING GODDAMN FITS!"). Or why I almost started crying when Ed's gate wouldn't lock and I wanted to go home ("GODDAMN LOCK, IT'S LATE! SEINFELD IS ON IN A HALF-HOUR!"). Et cetera. Anyway, we were both right. :D

Anytime you want to go to San Francisco, let me know!!
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