Sunday, November 19, 2006
  Last night
Friday night, I went dress shopping. I spent, oh, three hours in the mall absolutely loving my body. No, really.

I almost got this one.

In Dillard's, I heard a "Hey, Viroqua!" I looked over and there is Pat Wanzeck, this kid I used to sit by in um.. Geometry! He was a couple of years younger, but I sucked at math and he must've been good at it, so we wound up in the same class. Anyhow, despite our age difference, we had so much fun that the teacher threatened to separate us numerous times. That happened with another kid years younger than me in Astronomy at BCC two or so years ago. It goes to show how mature I am, you see.

Me & Pat Wanzeck - FROM VIROQUA!

I had my camera, so got this picture. I forgot to give him my Flickr card, though, dammit! I had to give him a hard time about being in the dress department of Dillard's, carrying a purse no less. He claims he was waiting for his "wife" and the purse was "hers" but that's what they all say, right? :D

Yesterday I got my hair done - so it would not look the same as it ALWAYS DOES - and it cost me $40. Plus tip. And it fell flat within a half-hour. The guy who did it was really disappointed that I had just washed my hair and warned me that it would be a "challenge" but I was still bummed. Moreso that I didn't get a picture at the salon. It looked alright once I combed it out, though.

As a bonus, the dude who did my hair at the little upscale hair place (I usually go to Supercuts, so going somewhere where they offer you wine is a bit of a change) asked for my name and number so that he could maybe use me as a model during his next hairstyling photo shoot. And he was flaming so I know he was being honest, not just trying to get my number. :)

Fast forward to the cab ride.

Filled with anticipation!
Chris was filled with anticipation.

Nothing a little Jack Daniels couldn't help.

In the cab on the way there.
It even allowed him to fake a smile!

This was our seating assignment card. We had a laugh over this one. Chris's was of the "uncomfortable" variety.

The food was yummy, and they even had a vegetarian option for me. And they kept bringing me things to drink.

I was trying to see how many drinks I could have at once.
I had five drinks going when I took this.

Me & my babe
This is a good picture, I think.

Me & the guy with the kilt!
There was a dude wearing a kilt. Of course I had to get a picture with him. I also bugged Chris a lot as to why he didn't wear one. Maybe next time.

Me & Chris
Me and my baby. Please note his awesome smile.

Also, the tie is not to be missed.
Chris's snazzy bow tie

When we got home, we bundled up and took the boat out to see the meteor showers. I think Chris saw one. I don't think I saw any. It was *59* degrees out.

Then we went for a boat ride. It was 59 degress outside!
I wore all this and I was still cold.

So anyway, that was my night. Not at all painful, actually. I even chatted up the wives of the guys at the table and they turned out to be quite nice. And dressing up is fun, even if it makes me envy the "shower, put on your rented tux" routine the guys have. :)
Ya'll look good togeather and seems like a good time was had. BTW your hair looked good in the photos even if you did think it fell.
I was at Torreya State Park and the skies were perfect but not a single meteor.
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