Monday, December 25, 2006
me! and the d70!
that's me and my christmas gift! how cool is that? i was really convinced that chris hadn't gotten me anything and was going to give me the threatened gift if money, especially after he said on the phone on saturday, "huh, maybe i should buy you something." well, then last night as i was wrapping the last of his unexciting gifts, he brought in a cardboard box with a bow on it. when i opened it...... a d70!!!!!!! i have wanted one of these for years, but have kept shelving the dream of getting one because they're so expensive.. i figured if i did manage to save up the dough to buy one, then i would just be asking for my car's transmission to fall out onto the highway during rush hour. so yeah, something i really wanted that i never really thought i'd have. it's awesome.

also, when i was oohing and ahhing over it, chris said that i had better figure out how to use it by friday, since we were going somewhere. somewhere cold. somewhere cold as in new york! :) :) i'm really, really excited about this, too. we're gonna have a blast and i'll have new things to take pictures of! hopefully no one will mug me and take my camera! my chris is a good one, isn't he? :)

christmas so far has been really nice. yesterday was beautiful out.. chris had a football game to watch, so i rode bike to the store where i finished up my last-minute shopping, ran into my bud ryan and got a hug at whole foods, went iguana watching at middle river, picked a flower from a mystery tree with mystery fruit hanging off it. then we had dinner, and whoa was that something. chris's mom nags a little, like why does he have to eat that (as he shoves food into his mouth), to which he responds by picking up his plate and licking the food off it, as food falls onto his lap and the floor. me and the sisters were sitting there, trying to stifle our laughs. ahhh, family love is a touching thing.

chris's parents (mom mostly) have been driving him a little nuts, so we snuck out last night.. literally snuck out the back door.. and rode bikes to the movie theater, where we saw the pursuit if happyness with his sisters. it was an awesome story, and more awesome still that it's a true one. then we rode around, went to walgreens where i managed to get a $45 512mb memory chip for the camera for a mere $15 (don't ask me), then met dean & meredith for drinks and went out for some on our own, bringing out to-go cups out onto the commercial pier to check out the waves.. when we got back, my camera's batteries were charged so i got to mess around with it.

the first shot :)
the first picture!

since then, i've gotten some pics of the dogs, of course.
gretchen, ears back to be cute

tested out macro
testing out macro
it would seem i got a pretty good lens! :)

i woke up with a, um.. well.. hangover today. it's a little strange to be hungover on christmas, but i guess that's okay. :) we had a good time.

tonight i get pictures of the christmas tree.. actually, i should do that today, while we still have unopened gifts under it. then friday night, i get pictures of the big christmas tree! :)
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