Sunday, January 21, 2007
  Shark Valley
We went to Shark Valley yesterday, which is a part of Everglades National Park. I had done it a few years back and really have been wanting to get back to the Everglades.. Getting to actually get a little bit of bike riding in on top of getting to go to the Everglades is just awesome. So anyway, here are some pictures!


We noticed from the road that they were doing some burning (prescribed burning, we later found out).

there was a fire!

chris taking a picture
Chris took a picture of me.

I did the classic Chris-in-pictures face.

me doing the chris-in-pics face

The sky looked strange, from the burning.

chris, sky


This anhinga was doing all sorts of weird calls and contortions.

We saw tiny baby alligators.. They make cute little baby noises. Who knew little reptiles could be so cute?

tiny baby alligators

I wanted to hold one so bad. However, I practiced restraint, mostly out of fear of getting caught. :) (I mean, after all, these alligators live within five feet of tourists from Iowa their whole lives; it's not as if me holding one or tickling its scaly little belly is going to affect its impression of humans.)

It was, like, Lesbian Day at Shark Valley, so Chris figured he'd give all the ladies something to ogle.

chris's plumber's ass, for the ladies

heron or egret or something


this was the SUN.

The sun looked mighty weird. We could look at it. You shouldn't be able to LOOK at the sun. Many references to the apocalypse were made.

chris & me at the lookout

On top of the lookout, me shiny, Chris smiling. Note matching cutoff shirts. :D



These kids were funny.

bratty kids

As they rode by, the brother was like, "C'mon, hurry up - don't you want to be STRONG?" "No, I don't want to be strong!" the little girl screamed back, so so mad. He hurried along ahead of her. She yelled, "SHOW-OFF!" It made me want to go out and adopt a couple of eight-year-olds.


Alligator, you do not scare me. Unless, of course, you look like you may even maybe just a little may be aimin' to move anytime soon.

from the lookout tower

It was quite pretty. I was wishing the whole time that I had brought the good camera, but having my big, precious camera around my neck on a 15-mile bike ride didn't seem like a hugely appealing idea. Luckily, I realized early on that to get good pictures of the sky's colors, I only had to focus on the sky, then (while still holding down the release button) frame my shot. This picture would have been mighty bland had I let the camera focus on what you see above.

On the seven miles back, we only saw two other people, so we had the whole thing to ourselves more or less. It was really nice. And we saw lots of birds, including roseate spoonbills. You can see the gorgeous pink birds in this picture if you look close.


pretty sky

So yeah, it was a nice time. :) And it smelled so good out there. Like trees and plants. Just what I needed. :) :) :)
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