Thursday, January 04, 2007
  (Successful) escape artists they’re not
So one day, Chris discovered that the rabbit and/or tortoises had dug a hole under one of their little fences. He found Bjorn, returning by way of the hole, from a jaunt outside where he had apparently found something to eat.

That hole has since been patched with the aid of some dirt and some bricks.

Apparently after Chris did so, George the Bunny came over and, looking quite upset, started digging again.

This morning, I woke a bit early because I had no excuse; due to New Year’s resolution, Chris has started to go to bed before 10 p.m. Trying to follow his good lead, I went to bed early last night too and couldn’t justify my usual sleep-in time (8).

So I made a ridiculously yummy salad for the torts (hibiscus flowers & leaves, jackfruit, cantaloupe, carrots, food pellets) and surprised them with a morning feeding. I walked around saying, “Bjorny pooh, come out! Stacey has food!” And, would you believe it, he did? I hadn’t seen him in well over a week! I also found Wailey, because he’s too big to hide anywhere good.

However, I didn’t find George. Anywhere. So, in my PJs, a robe, and Chris’s shoes, I walked into the yard. And there was cute little George, sitting by the bushes. I went over, not getting too close (or they go into she’s-gonna-catch-me mode) and crouched down. “Here, Georgie.” And he came. He fought quite a bit once I picked him up, but I got him into his cage in the garage without incident.

And I had to laugh – you know, these little creatures try their damnedest to get out, but once they’re out, they don’t know what to do. Escape artists, they may be, but successful fugitives, they are not.

Also, all three dogs got outside last night. They got into the house, nudging their way in. I was getting ready to leave anyway, so figured I’d let them have their fun for a few minutes before I put them back out. Then they discovered a weakness in the front door; apparently it wasn’t closed until it caught. So, yeah, they ran outside. Straight for A1A, as is the custom. Luckily they found something interesting to smell in the neighbor’s yard. Luckily I was able to tackle Gretchey. Luckily I was able to convince Sebastian that I really, really wanted to rub his belly (and not catch him at all). Luckily my arms didn’t give out while walking a 25-lb dog in each arm. Luckily Buddy II likes his cousins too much to not follow me back into the house if I’m holding them. That was a terrifying few minutes, in any case.
I liked your story. My son's mine of course even though he moved back in will run if let loose about 2 miles back into the woods. My son who moved back in has a cat and is keeping a cat for a friend. His cat has figured out how to open the door by the handle. So we have to keep that door locked from my side of the house while my son has to card his way into the house every time he comes in. The cat however when he does get in does not hide or run away like the dog..he just wants to be rubed or attention. But all of us are alergic to the cats so they stay in his room.
As to the cats and the dogs getting way. The dog has figured out not to attack the cat while he being held but my sons cat gets agressive and approches the dog. I keep them seprerate for their respective health.
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