Tuesday, February 20, 2007
  guess i'll have to change that thing above the "about me" thing up there in the right-hand corner...

The Volcano Rumbles, originally uploaded by Stuck in Customs.

so you know how i've wanted to go to costa rica for ever and ever? i planned on going this year, as soon as i got vacation time, but that's not until may. and may is not a good time to go to costa rica (rainy). i would've gone anyway, but chris said, "remember that weekend in key west?" you know, the one when we did nothing because it was raining? ah yes, key west. maybe i don't want to go to costa rica in the rainy season.

now, as a show-not-tell example of how wonderful my chris is, last night he asked if i would like to go to costa rica in december, as my christmas gift. you can imagine how long it took me to answer in the affirmative (immediately, in case you're slow).

this is very exciting - costa rica, dream destination. with chris, an ideal travel partner (have i ever mentioned how easy-going and patient he is?), and also my baby. :)

the guy who took the picture up top has a lot of amazing costa rica pictures. check 'em out.



So if Chris had no money, and couldn't shower you with gifts, would you still love him. Seems you gush about trips and gifts, is he bribing your love? Think about it.
This comment is almost so pointless that I wonder if I should respond, but I am annoyed enough that I will.. after all, it's a pretty grand statement you're trying to make.

#1. If you think all I gush about Chris is gifts, then you're obviously not a regular or thorough reader of my blog. And that's even with my tendency to spare you the "He kissed my cheek a dozen times at the Billy Joel concert - how sweeeet!" stuff. I only make Dawny listen to that.

#2. Your idea is very, well, trite. Should he NOT be giving me nice gifts for Christmas? Should we NOT be planning nice trips in the future? Money does not buy happiness and does not buy love, but if you are happy and are in love, and you have some money to spend, should you NOT put your money to use to do nice things for someone you love? Isn't that what we all do? Isn't that why I even went into the red buying Christmas gifts last year? Was I trying to bribe my niece's love?

On the whole bribing my love thing - seriously, read the archives. We met August 2006, if that will help narrow it down for you.

#3. Why would you ever, ever, EVER think you could make that kind of judgment on a relationship whose participants you have most likely never met? Ever?

Which leads me to why I think you would -

Now I give you something to think about: what was your comment really based in? I sense you have some jealousy issues you need to explore - either you're insecure about your financial or romantic situation. Think about it.
I swear Stacy it wan't me....Tom

I can tell through your writing your happy with Chris even if it just boating or spending time. Not that you mind going to see Billy or going to New York. I would not mind of course either.
I've known Stacey for many years now and I can guarantee that she's not dating Chris for his money. That doesn't even factor in to why she's dating him.

Hell, I would love to have someone who could afford to shower me with all this stuff. Who wouldn't? But it would never be a reason TO date someone.

And, even if it weren't for all the stuff he does for her, she would still be with him.

Look at how often she blogs about all the little things he does for her that don't cost a single cent. It's more often than she talks about what he gives her.

So, yes, she would still love him even if he didn't give her a damn thing!
thanks guys.

it still strikes me as so remarkably stupid that someone would react that way to my posts.

after all, if your girl dreams of going to costa rica, wouldn't you want to take her? if your girl wanted a nice camera for years and years, wouldn't you want to buy her one?

shit, i want to buy dawny a camera and she ain't even my girl.

i know i would want to get chris anything he wanted, too; only the only thing he wants is a $5k yamaha engine for the boat and i don't have $5k.

if chris couldn't afford to TAKE me to costa rica, we'd still go - it would just require we BOTH save. no big deal.

who would hang around with someone day in and day out that they didn't adore.. for a week-long trip in 9 months? ???
daily happiness is so much more important than a yearly vacation.

again, whoever this anonymous commenter is surely has some issues. and doesn't understand the concept of generosity. or love, i guess.
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