Saturday, April 21, 2007

little bee, originally uploaded by estacey.

so i should be going to bed, but i want to whaa for a few minutes.

my past few days:

wednesday: went to work, used lunch break to drop off chris's car and pick mine up. went to class, stopping at the car place to switch cars again. (oy.) got a 100 on my portfolio! (he gave me a 60 on it last week, so i had to re-do some sections. i guess i did better this time.) he let us out early so i went to the library to work on the one class, but left after five minutes of watching dumbasses use the card catalog computers to shop online and listen to CDs.

thursday: work - yes, again. got home and fed tortoises. how i love to watch them eat! no, really! it's so cute! then i had a message saying i didn't have to go do the cats since someone else had to go to the store that night anyway! so i went to get the keys to my new place. went to the grocery store. then i went to my soon-to-be-old place.

found an injured (?) starling in the yard there. caught him quick, then hunted down the bird cage in the back yard. he stayed in it while i packed for a couple of hours. loaded up the car. left there at about 10.

went to wildlife care center, only the road was closed. i finally made it and dropped mr. starling off in the night box with a $20 check and a stern warning to drink some water. i have to call in the morning to see how he is; he wasn't yet in the system when i tried today.

it was nearly 11 by the time i got home. this, of course, means at post-1 a.m. bedtime.

friday: went to work, yet again. it took me 20+ minutes to get there. chris calculated that meant my average MPH was 12. rock on. used lunch break to briskly walk to marshalls to buy towels for the new place (i realized i had, um, two that weren't horrible - so now i have three pretty, matching green ones - ralph lauren at $6 a pop!). that saved me a stop after work. this took precisely 31 minutes. i was proud of myself.

after work, went to new place to unload car. went and threw more money into the till at whole foods market.

came home. showered. we went to pick my car up. i made dinner - mac & cheese with boca burgers (probably the second meal i've made this whole year). i did laundry. participated in a discussion for my one online class. i finished my big powerpoint project due for my one class as it's due sunday., with oreo on my lap the whole time. submitted that at around 1 a.m. did some more laundry. took the quiz for the same class due sunday.

now i am goin to bed. it'll be 2:45 before i actually get there and we're supposed to leave in the morning to go to elliott key! i fear chris will have to watch me nap for a few hours on the boat; after this week, i really feel like i could sleep 12 hours tonight. also, i have yet to pack. or charge my camera battery.

i have to bring my math book this weekend. but that's okay; it should be a beautiful time, knock on wood. i hope to have some time to take some pictures and sometimes i don't feel like i get to SEE chris enough, even though i see him all the time. getting away helps that.

ok, i think the pre-emptive dramamine is kicking in. so good night! off til sunday!

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