Sunday, May 20, 2007
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our drive to disney friday night SUCKED. two accidents on the turnpike, then heavy, horrible downpours. ahh, that was fun.

so saturday, we slept in, then we went to epcot. i didn't bring the good camera because i didn't realize there would be so much good stuff to take pics of, but there was - there was some garden show going on this month at epcot, so there were flowers and plants everywhere. i loved it! and had no idea what a plant nerd i was until that day. :) we have to take a trip to the botanical gardens in miami soon!


i thought this was really neat. gawd, i'm getting old.

i didn't know we had magnolias in florida, but they're everywhere in orlando. i loved it!

magnola, b&w

from the nemo ride:

on the nemo ride

we happened to be in the aquarium at the time of the dolphin show - so awesome. definitely a highlight. chris's leg wasn't well enough to go diving, and for about .5 seconds i thought i'd go by myself, then realized i really wanted him to be along, too, so said maybe we could do it next time. then we got to the aquarium and realized it wouldn't be all that great. so yay, good decision.

showin' off their teeth

now, if i were diving with the DOLPHINS.. different story. loved 'em. i seriously got all choked up at one point. such a nerd. :)

cuttlefish - i love these!

oh, how i love the cuttlefish.

these flowers are awesome:

passionfruit flower

chris bought four plumeria root things, so we can grow our own! i'm excited about that.


another cool flower:

pretty flower

then we spent a half-hour looking for the car in the parking lot - ha ha! neither of us paid attention to wear we had left it! mind you, the search was really, really funny.. for the first four minutes or so.

we lost the car!

that sucked, but it could have been much worse.

we met dean & meredith out for dinner & ice cream, which was nice. we were all tired, so scrapped plans to "go out" but they said we HAD to see this place named the "Dance Hall" or something. very sad, they assured us. and they sure did deliver.

this place was PACKED.

look at all those people!

the sad, sad dancefloor.

we all ended up dancing - save for chris. how could we not? they played "baby got back" which CHRIS HAD NEVER HEARD.


today, i woke up early - feeling good! surprise! so we went with dean & meredith to MGM. we ate and went on a few rides and the star wars simulator reminded me quite well that i had had a few vodka & cranberries the night before.

i loved the tower of terror. and the coaster was cool, too.

that aerosmith coaster

i'm a screamer. :) i think i screamed the ENTIRE TIME on the tower of terror. whoa, that was cool though.

it was something like this:

you go up 12 flights or 13 flights or something, and then they just DROP YOU. and then they do it again.

these things were everywhere, the whole time:


mating lovebugs. on our lunch table! mm!

dean was wearing his "sam: world's ugliest dog" shirt today. he felt very shown-up by this dude:

nice shirt!

the best part was that he was WITH HIS WIFE AND KIDS.

the guy with the t-shirt and his family


long drive home, but better than the 4.5 hours it took us to get there. very happy to see the dogs. very happy to be home. very happy to be going to sleep right now!
Nice Photo's Stacy. Glad ya'll had a good time. Tell Chris I hope his leg gets better. My wife's sister's huband just had ACL surgery three days ago where they replace the ACL just like my wife had last year. My wife did well but her sister's huband is not doing so well. It seems the cat brought them a live mouse for a present and dropped it on the bed where it ran up the covers. When they were jumping out of bed he thinks he messed up the leg again. So hopefully Chris will not have any visits to mess him up!

Oh as far as the dives go. There a saying in Cave Diving that the Caves will always be there. Anyone can call a dive, for any reason without a load of crap. There last part was my instructors add on. Epcot will still be there, you did good.
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