Thursday, May 31, 2007
  hi, i'm cute!

hi there!, originally uploaded by estacey.

So the kitties are growing and growing. They’ve each put about two ounces on already! 20% body weight gain in four days? I’d say they’re doing alright. :)
Strangely, Oreo is also gaining weight. Maybe she’s depressed because she hasn’t been coming in as much, so has turned to the food bowl (or, let’s be honest, more poor innocent lizards) for consolation. She’s welcome to come in, of course, but she hasn’t been crying at the window as much, probably due to the evil little furballs that have invaded the bathroom.

The kittens still have a really strong desire to nurse, even when they’re not hungry. It really bums me out that they don't have anyone to nurse on. Last night, Calico Kitty sucked on my hand for a good 10 minutes. I started to worry I’d get a hickey, but didn’t have the heart to make her stop.

Tomorrow, I have to fly out for an all-day meeting in Sarasota. I had to tap a woman at work to come feed the kitties mid-day for me. I’m happy she agreed, and actually likes the idea. She’s an animal person too. :)

Yesterday I took a half day off, on account of the headache that JUST WOULD NOT LEAVE. Laying in bed with the fan on was nice. I watched “Run Lola Run” finally, which was awesome, and four episodes of “Desperate Housewives” – they replay that stuff on, you know? I very very rarely watch primetime TV, but I like some of the shows, so it’s nice to watch them on-demand like that. The kittens snuggled and napped with me, which was nice. They need that lovey attention at their age. I like it too.

White Kitten hadn’t pooped yet, so I was getting worried. They say they SHOULD go every day, if they don’t go for four days you have to take them to the vet. Then finally last night he broke the seal, and has pooped three times in 12 hours now. He seems really pissed off to be doing it, which is kinda funny. “I don’t like doing it either, buddy, but you gotta!”

They have been SO good about controlling their potty habits. For baby kittens, that is very impressive. Not one accident, not on me nor in their nest. Except then last night Chris was holding Calico Kitten as he was falling asleep and all of a sudden asked, “WHAT IS THIS THAT’S WARM?” He claimed to not have been rubbing her belly, but I don’t know if I believe him.

Yay! It’s almost the weekend again! I don't think we have ANYTHING planned for this weekend - phew. I do think Chris wants to look at boats, but the rest is CHILL TIME. I love getting to just hang around. Maybe I'll cook something. Plant something. Finish some books. Yay! :)

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