Wednesday, May 02, 2007
  this week (and weekend) need to be OVER
i am so so tired. no rest until this weekend.. my last speech is saturday, for which i am completely unprepared but can’t pay attention to until tomorrow night. tonight is my math final and then i have to come home and take another final that will take at least an hour. tomorrow night i do the cats, then have to come home for a speech class activity online at 9, then i have to work on my speech! friday night i finish working on my speech. saturday i give the speech. saturday night i have a black tie to go to with chris. sunday i have to do the last bits of stuff for my film class. at some point i want to go to the air & sea show with my babe.

for complete disclosure, i’ve been kinda unfocused about school the past couple of nights. i should have been studying math, but at this point i just kinda think i’m as ready as i’m going to be. i had to figure out a couple of things for the final, but beyond that i am going to have to depend upon what i already learned. we’ll see.

then my next round of classes starts on wednesday.. :( i was thinking they’d give us a week or so in between semesters, but noooooo.. luckily, i found out one class i was going to take this summer isn’t actually required, so i got to drop that. now it’s just three classes over the summer! when i say “just three” i’m being genuine, but really should be being sarcastic because it’s a pretty decent workload, considering the summer sessions are so much shorter. i am going to do a (normally four-month) american lit class in 1.5 months!

yesterday after i got home i went out to throw some compost in the bin and water some plants. then oreo wanted some attention, so i sat down on the front step to pet her. she laid at my side. i thought that looked comfortable, so i leaned back onto the pavement. fast forward 45+ minutes, i hear chris’s truck door slam – i had fallen asleep! thankfully the front step is pretty much hidden by plants and stuff, so anyone passing by wouldn’t have to know that i was asleep in the front yard. :)

still doing the raw thing – including snacks, until dinner, save for my daily coffee – and have kept it up since, like, last Monday. It’s actually not even hard. Today I overslept so didn’t get to make my customary fruit topping (almond butter & pineapple juice, food processed) so just ate fruit dipped in almond butter until I was satisfied. I like it, and like the idea of it – and that 2/3 of my meals are vegan, too. vegetarian is so not enough, but i just never had the self discipline to be vegan. yet, doing raw (save for raw cheeses, which i rarely bother with, or raw meats, which, yeah, no way) defaults to vegan.. yet doesn't feel like i'm depriving myself of anything!

last night, i had field roast for dinner.. i ate, like, half a loaf of it. that was a pretty fair dinner portion (two servings), but afterwards.. i felt so full. heavy full. i didn’t like it – and i think that’s the feeling i used to be aiming for! i think my non-raw dinners will have to be tempered by salad or veggies in the future.

yay! we're going to disney in a few weeks (diving at epcot? maybe!)
yay! we're going to wisconsin for a long weekend in june!
yay! my niece is visiting this summer!
yay! costa rica is quickly approaching.
yay! i'm saving for this lens and may be able to afford it by the trip! (awesome, but $800!)

Nice lens... I played with a D200 with that lens and it was nice.

Good luck on your tests.
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