Wednesday, April 25, 2007
  This has got to be quick...
since it be gettin' late and I want to go to bed.

#1. Raw

I'm doing the raw thing again - during the day at least. Dinner is too hard to coordinate into a raw meal, too. I would like to start making salads to complement whatever Chris is making, though; we do not eat enough vegetables. And since Chris has really long Mondays - like 12 hours long - I am going to be making dinner that night from now on. He offered for it to be an order-in night, but I can handle cooking one night a week. This Monday I made fake chicken sandwiches (mmmm!) with Wisconsin cheese and a raw side dish - apples, celery, fresh parsley, pineapples, and walnuts covered in a pineapple sauce made with pineapple juice, lemon juice, cashew butter and, um, that might be it. Oh, then you serve all that on a bed of greens. It was pretty good, I thought. I think Chris thought it was tasty as well (not sure of Patty's verdict) but I think they were still hungry after dinner as they whipped out a bag of Dorito's. Ah well. :)

I really like the raw thing - after all, it's a way I can "cook" without burning anything. It's a little less intimidating to play around with, and the results are surprisingly good. The sauce was so sweet & yummy - I was like, "Wow, I made that out of REAL food." I'm so used to things coming out of jars and stuff that sometimes it's hard to remember that everything can be made out of real, whole foods. Plus, when you make it raw, you know it's really good for you!

So anyway, tonight we went out to eat, but I wanted to use up some of my quickly-over-ripening fruits to make a fruit pie. This is only the second one I made, but I got pics this time.

crust of almonds & dates
Two handfuls of almonds and some medjool dates, of which I did not have enough. This stuff is excellent; I could eat it by itself.

Then came the two food-processed mangos topped by slices of banana and strawberries, then topped with food-processed pineapple. I would've put coconut on top of all that, but Chris is not a fan. I will definitely only use EITHER pineapple or mango in the future; the pineapple seemed to steal the focus away from the mango taste even though there was only half the pineapple. It's yummy, though.

fruit pie - done

Next time maybe I'll do pineapple & coconut (though only on one side) or strawberries & bananas. Mango can probably be all by itself. :)

So that's it - a whole pie, and the only casualty was my poor foot and the ice pack (I ran into the kitchen island really hard while walking around the dogs tonight - ow! then the dogs attacked the ice pack when I wasn't looking. All in a day's work.)

#2. Math (as if anyone got past Raw)

So tonight I found out that, assuming I pass the quiz I have to make up on our formulas, I only have to earn a 50% on our (multiple choice) final to get a C. I would have to nearly get 100% to get a B, but that's still possible. But really, a B is more than I expect; I would be delighted with a C, as hard as this class has been for me. The teacher assures us that college algebra is easier (?!).

#3. Dogs

This is totally true; they were waggin' their tails to the right all over the place tonight when I was lovin' on 'em. :)


Chris got a baby gate for the one door, so they can all three come in a lot more - even the two little ones whose bladders we do not yet trust. They just have to stick to the side of the house that isn't carpeted. It's been fun. I got them this denim frisbee that has been a blast. I love it - there is enough space in the front part of the house to PLAY FRISBEE. Well, I throw the frisbee. They go get it. They fight over it. Sometimes Sebastian brings it back to me, and then doesn't let me have it. It's fun. :)

#4 Posh's boobs

What on earth is going on here? When you're married to David Beckham, can you not afford better?

Time to finish up the nightly stuff so i can go to bedddd!
Whoa. Frankenboob. Big time.
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