Tuesday, June 26, 2007
  god, this pic is great

Christmas 1992, originally uploaded by kljones.

bershon, to the max.

back at work! blah! at least it's a short week!

last night i basically went into a law & order coma. that was much needed. tonight, i re-entered the real world. after work, i watered all the plants (with saved otherwise-discarded shower water; yes, we're still under water restrictions) then went swimmin' with the dogs but it's okay because i was officially giving them baths, not just cooling off in the pool. then i whined at chris to stop lifting weights long enough to eat with me. so we did that. then we double-team-petted kitten for a while, and the cool part is that she let us. she actually purred. a lot. then we did the same to oreo. then we played with sebastian. then i went on a jog to target with sebastian (3.6 miles) to pick up prints and got yelled at for bringing him in the store even though he's not a service dog, as if i cared. (rules schmules.) then i took a shower.

now i'm in bed. yet another day of neglected college algebra. tomorrow, though, i MUST hit the books (bah).

oh, yeah, i was gonna do that healthy-livin' diary thing here, wasn't i? i am going to just leave wisconsin out because, well, i had cheese curds on sunday. and some kind of battered shrimp. and mt dew. and a huge bowl of those graham-flavored cereal things. and, um, three desserts. and that was just sunday!

today, though, i did very well. mostly. breakfast was a handful of granola. they had a huge container of it in the breakroom and it was delicious. then i had some tea. then i had a shake and a banana for lunch. then half a large iced coffee. then ravioli with gorgonzola for dinner and 2 30-cals tofutti pops for dessert. the big problem today was that i grazed on that granola ALL DAY. pick, pick, pick. ah well - there's always tomorrow to be better. :) and i DID go for a run!

can i say how much i love the immitrex? i had to take TWO on friday - one early and a second after we landed, in the line for the car rental. they both made me nauseous. then saturday when i woke up, i had to take another. but that was it. so, without immitrex, i definitely would have had a headache all weekend. with it, i had two mild bouts of nausea and that's it. :)

ok, time for sleep!

i dunno if your doc told you, but i was told this... that's more than you should take. Supposedly it can give you a side effect migraine (makes NO sense to me), considering you shouldn't take more than 9 in a month. If you get more than that a month its better to be on preventative. Immitrex made me feel really really funky, I hated it. I probably mentioned this elsewhere, but what worked for me is Amerge taken with 800mg of ibprofen. Unfortunately its non preferred meds under my insurance, so its expensive, but totally worth it.
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