Monday, July 02, 2007

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i took my midterm in college algebra today - a 94%! i don't think this says so much about me, however, as much as it does about the test.

thank god it was multiple choice, and thank god for chris for helping me prepare. for some unknown reason, we stayed up 'til like 4 on saturday night -- this is COMPLETELY out of character, mind you. i think the bad move was starting to watch talladega nights at, like, midnight. so anyway, chris woke up at 8:30 anyway, so was ready for bed EARLY last night, but stayed up past midnight to help me anyhow. such a guy. :)

this weekend was pretty much a wash. why? you guessed it: headache. well, that and homework. saturday i woke up with a horrible, whole-forehead headache. chris attended to me and we got it to go just to the normal migraine spot so i was able to actually get out of bed, but i was pretty useless all day. sunday, the headache was pretty much under control, but at that point i REALLY had studying to do, so planted my ass on the couch from, like, 4 p.m. to midnight with my math book in hand.

today, i stayed home. i still had a headache, of course, but it wasn't so bad. i slept in, studied, and went swimmin' with the dogs for a while. you really should not live in south florida without a private swimming pool; it's ridiculously nice. then tonight i had to go take my midterm, last minute. it was all fine, though. :)

i would do the food report thing, but - eh, not really worth reporting, esp. for the weekend (which was the usual of unhealthy breakfast food and pasta and all that other good stuff). friday, well... we don't want to go there, considering my breakfast was basically sugar and sugar (dd coffee, dd donut). i did have a nice salad from einstein's for lunch, but it was offset by multiple handfuls of granola. today, i had a big bowl of special k for breakfast/lunch, then a coffee with a fruit pie & a little bit of this sweet potato, cranberry, & mango stuff (excellent). dinner was burritos and store-bought baklava that chris didn't want to eat. so i had to have both of 'em. grr. ;)

anyway, i got a migraine book tonight. i am going to go read it in bed soon and see what i can start doing different to maybe help this bullshit. i've had a headache more or less constantly since last wednesday. woooooo.

Hey.. on the headaches thing. No new info here, I know.. and I realize I'm not experiencing true full-on migraines, but my really-bad/aspirin-doesn’t-help-at-all headaches are usually caffeine related. And it’s gotten worse the older I’ve gotten. When I was drinking coffee regularly the headaches were bad if I skipped a day, but they were even WORSE when I’d not had caffeine for a couple weeks, and then had a dose from something. I am completely off the stuff now, and have been for months. I don’t even drink iced tea anymore. With the exception of some well-shaken milk in the morning, I drink almost nothing but water now – 3 liters a day – and the headaches are few and far between.
You might want to get your eyes examined again too. When my eyes change and my contacts or glasses prescriptions are off, even just a hair, it is brutal. I feel like I can see just fine through them, but after a whole day, my forehead is on fire. It’s happened to me in the past, and I know for a fact I’m due for an eye examine now, because even though I’m blind as a bat, I go most of the day with my glasses off lately because they give me an instant headache.
heya - thanks
but i JUST got my eyes checked (still good! i got an Rx for glasses for when i am more comfortable wearing them, but apparently my vision would be a *good* result of lasik for someone else) and i remember caffeine headaches from when i first started drinking coffee and therefore didn't drink it religiously. they were awful. this is not awful, just - always - there - and - annoying. and on just one side of my head.

i'm so over it. doc on thurs tho!
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