Thursday, August 30, 2007
  aww, man
guess who's sick! two days before she's set to go to the the bahamas!

ah well, at least it's not that bad. but there's no denying it, i'm definitely sick. definitely, miserably sick.

yesterday, my throat felt funny. i felt like i must have sounded funny when i talked. i chalked that up to the fact that i've had to talk at work so much, on account of being so busy. also, i was all sniffly. i blamed that on allergies. you know what they say about denial.

i was in such denial about getting sick that i went for a run last night! a true test of the topamax - my first outdoor run in ages. i was out for a good 1:10, but a half-hour of that was walking in the sand, chatting on the phone. the other 40 minutes, though, i did jog the whole time. two blocks from home, i slipped off the sidewalk and totally wiped out... thankfully, i seemed to have fallen just right and didn't do any major damage. i had sebastian with me and i was certain right after i fell that he would take the opportunity and try to get me to rub his belly as i was laying face-down on the concrete, but instead, he waited until i sat up, then sat on my lap. it was cute.

anyway, when i got home i went to walgreens to fill my imitrex prescription just in case. i was very skeptical about the whole headache thing.. i felt a little funny.. but after we ate dinner, i felt okay and was pretty sure i was safe.

this morning i did take an imitrex, but that's because i felt awful and was unable to distinguish the aching head from a migraine and was taking no chances.

i guess it'll take a few in-the-heat runs to see how effective the topamax is in this huge-for-me migraine trigger.

so anyway, yeah, i woke up this morning and blew my nose and there was that telltale bright yellow snot so i made the call to stay home and rest up (despite the fact i get no sick days at my job) and hope to god i feel better by saturday. i have to go into work tomorrow -- have to -- so today was definitely the better day to miss. and if i still feel like i do right now, i plan on getting everything done tomorrow as quickly as i can, then leaving early to come home and sleep.

i spent the day in bed and on the couch. law & order, like.. six episodes. thank god that i have that one season of criminal intent on dvd.

what did people do on sick days before they had tv? i mean, really?

i can't really remember the last time i got sick.. probably one other time this year, but nothing major. the timing royally sucks, but i guess i understand - i have put myself through some royal emotional stress the past week or two. i vacillate between getting too much sleep to getting not enough. there are days when i have no appetite.. i have this pit in my stomach, but i have no desire to eat the salad waiting for me in the fridge. i'm not retarded, so i will go eat something to make sure i have some fuel (usually that's a health shake mix i have), but it's nothing like the really healthy green lunches i usually like to make sure i'm eating...

plus, work has been a lot more stressful than usual, plus it's like 70 degrees in there. seriously, it was so cold the other day that after lunch, i went and sat outside for like 10 minutes in the sun. i was sitting on my hands to try to warm them up and i could feel how cold they were through my jeans. a security guard came up to ask me, "ma'am, are you ok?" yeah, i said, then explained that i was cold. touched his arm. he understood: "you're like ice!" it took the full 10+ minutes before i could get the chill out. when i went back inside, i checked the weather... it was 97 degrees out. in a long-sleeve black shirt, jeans, and boots, it took that long to get the chill out. i love my office.

add it all up, no wonder my immune system was worn down. just, like, could the timing suck a little more?

the emotional stress is pretty much all calmed down now, but i think i need to look into taking up tai chi in the future anyway just in case. getting sick because of things that are basically beyond your control really sucks.

anyway. say a little prayer that i feel better by saturday. we were doing sat-mon, so i guess we could do sun-tues., but there may be some tropical depression coming or something. so i just want to feel better!!!
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