Monday, August 27, 2007
  this is a story about milkbones

Zen Mutt, originally uploaded by pixlfarmer.

we keep an industrial-sized, purchased-from-costco box of milkbones in the cupboard under the bar. the other night, chris went to get a couple for the dogs. when he pulled them out, he called out to me, "uhh... stace, take a look at this." they had been half eaten. inside the box.

"roaches?" omigod.

"are they okay to give to the dogs?" he asked. "sure," i said, but the important thing was -- what to do with the box of milkbones!!! i said i thought we should duct-tape it closed and throw it in the trash.

chris got the point that i wanted it out of the house, so grabbed it and threw it onto the front step, but without securing it closed. all i could think was that that thud down onto the ground was likely to anger the bugs. i yelled, "CHRIS!" and opened the door in time to see probably, uh.. i dunno? seven? roaches scurry out of the box. roaches of all different sizes. ahhhh! first thought: omigod, we're GROWING ROACHES!

panicking, i tried to get the box shut only, ya know, i didn't want to actually touch the box. chris came to my rescue and shut the box, then used the box to kill the ones that had gotten out. then he taped the box shut and threw it in the trash.

i checked out the cupboard and, thankfully, found no roaches. maybe a couple came out of the box but i think they were pretty comfortable in this all-you-can-eat-buffet-in-a-box.

thankfully, we discovered the fact they were in there before the milkbones ran out and they were forced to search elsewhere for food. *shudder*

i am also thankful that i never reached into that box and get a handful of shiny little beetles instead of doggy treats.

i am additionally thankful that i never got a good look at what, exactly, was in the box because i get the feeling that we were supporting a nice little population of vermin with all those dog treats. *double shudder*

we got replacement dog bones yesterday at costco. and they're going in an airtight container. :)

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