Sunday, August 19, 2007
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ooh! friday night, dear kimmie suggested that we all go to dry tortugas. she went this february with her girlfriend via ferry, and had a really good time even though it was freezing. so tomorrow i have some dates to run by her in october. if all goes as planned, the boat will already be in key west from the weekend before, we'll drive down on friday night, leave early saturday morning, and then get to spend a good 24+ hours here:

yet another place i've wanted to go for years.. seriously, since, like, i've heard of the place. i was so jealous when kimmie told me about her trip, even though it sounded fairly miserable. so anyway, that should be a nice trip, assuming everything works out! :)

hmmm! so yesterday, we ran uh.. errands? i don't really remember. went to ihop. chris, ever the romantic, ran over to west marine bought me a caribiner. went to the camera shop. dropped off my rent check. i dropped chris off at mass late and only had 40 minutes so decided i'd just hang out. i called kamille and chatted, then just enjoyed the fact that it was a totally perfect day. not too hot. just sunny, breezy and gorgeous.

oh, and chris asked me if i would like to move in.

i said i would have to think about it.

ha ha ha! so that's nice news. i'll call my "landlord" tomorrow. he'll be losing his best roommate ever. i have never spent a night there! but this means moving my stuff again, which stinks... ah well. it is certainly better than the status quo.

chris kept laughing at me because i was all grumpy before he asked me, seeing as how i couldn't find my dive log at my apartment. then, after he asked me, i was in a really good mood. "you're happy, aren't you?" he kept asking. "nooooooooo," i'd answer. then, every once in a while, i'd sing him the line from miss congeniality: "you love me, you wanna kiss me, you think i'm gorgeous." he would then, of course, threaten to take the offer back. he also said i had to stop listening to such shitty music. :D

last night, we took the little boat to bahia cabana. (the big boat should be ready by mid-week?) we were supposed to meet dean & meredith there, but dean backed out when the bar he was at was surprised by a bachelorette party of, like, 20 chicks. i can't blame him, i suppose. so chris and i had a really nice boat ride and little dinner. it was another boat lesson, with me taking the reins from start to finish -- except chris had to dock at the restaurant; too much current for me! it was really just a gorgeous night. summer nighttime boating is just awesome.



today chris, patty & i drove to stuart. first, we stopped off at the town (towne?) center (centre?) mall (malle?) in boca to buy some stupid cord for the stupid camera i got chris for his stupid birthday and of course had no luck. anyway, i was wearing a swimsuit and shorts and one of those men's shirts that guys wear fishing that have, like, air vents. my hair was in a ponytail and i wasn't wearing any makeup. flip-flops. i was pretty sure some teenage girls were snickering at me. a teeny part of me was bothered, but the chris's-girlfriend side of me said screw-'em, stupid superficial boca people (what, am i supposed to dress up to run into the mall?).

we drove on 95 until we got past west palm beach, then got on a1a to drive along the beach. it was nice to see the different little towns. we stopped at a few parks and beaches along the way.

on the beach

the ocean was pretty rough.

these are some flowers on the beach.

pretty beach flowers

i felt horrible for the turtles who had to nest on this beach

chris wanted to check out some of the beachfront houses up there. he wasn't impressed, and i guess i agree. it sure would be nice to live on the beach, but everything was pretty.. rickety. very nice on the inside, but everything is, like, 20 years old & made of wood and since they're on the beach.. all that salty air plus wind, i think it wears down pretty quickly. far from the sturdy new structures we're used to down here in broward with the hurricane windows and all that. plus, as you see above, there are turtle nests. turtle nests in the backyard? awesome, right? only look at where they are. all i could think was that the poor turtles have to build their nests as far up in the sand as they can. and at high tide, the water almost reaches up that far. i hope they stay on top of the beach erosion there. beyond having to feel bad for the sea turtles all the time, there are no yards and the houses are built so close to one another. you need a yard!

tonight after we got home, we had to go talk to chris's tenants who are moving out on tuesday and they kept us there for a goddamn HOUR and it was SO HOT IN THERE it was like TORTURE and we are SO BAD at getting out of situations like that.. oy vey. but anyway, we're home and chris is probably asleep by now and i have uploaded all my pictures and am heading to bed myself soon and all is well in the world. :)

as you can tell, i am going to up the photo taking a lot. i feel like all my pictures are a disaster, seriously. i cannot go to california or costa rica or anywhere else and come home and feel like all my pictures are a disaster. i want to feel like i know what i'm doing. jeeeez. and the only way i can do that is to practice! so expect a lot more pictures! i already warned chris! :)

that's it!

also, no headache! i think 125 mg topamax is what i needed! :) seriously, i have been so uncareful about hydration.. i really really should have a headache right now. and i don't. also, we were outside today. i really should have a headache. and i don't! i am simultaneously weirded out and thrilled. :)
that eye photo seriously rocks, girl. beautiful.

so that kimmie.. she's seriously adorable. i can't tell her that because she's a kid. and i'm old. and that would make me sound all weird and shit. but between her and her girl i awww a lot. :)

and it's about damn time. good chris. you have a home. a real home. i'm so happy for you, babe! not like it hasn't been, but.. well.. you know. it's the little things.

YAY!!! Congrats on the moving in!! You deserve it!
So much congrats on FINALLY "moving in". I honestly mistakenly thought you were already living together :D

You take gorgeous pictures. Seriously, don't doubt yourself!
I agree with Allison- weren't you already pretty much living there anyway? ;) Just kidding! CONGRATS! :)
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