Thursday, August 16, 2007

Galapagos Sea Lion, originally uploaded by echeng.

let's see.

galapagos deposit went in today.

i found this guy's website today when researching the boat we're going on. he has done three trips to the galapagos and has taken some amazing pics, both underwater and above. check out pics - of galapagos and other places - at anyway, he's on flickr too so how nice, i have another contact!
chris saw he uses a canon and said, 'i know you should've gone for a canon!' i looked up the canon. 'yes, chris, but it's an $8,000 canon. i'm sure you would've happily got me a canon instead of a nikon for christmas, but would you have bought me an *$8,000 canon* over my d70?!' uh huh. :D and, yeah, when i was looking through the one set of pics, i just KNEW it was a professional camera. the pics were so clear and sharp and amazing. (someday, i tell myself. but you really have to have a reason to get a camera like that. like you're making money off the pics you take with them or something!)

so yeah, the deposit is down. yay! and chris was able to cancel with the fishy folks and find a local agency that gave us the original price we were quoted by the fishy folks. so that's no longer a sock in the gut of a price (because, you know, galapagos is pretty much a sock in the gut financially to start out).

i am thinking of getting nitrox certified for the trip. more money!

also, i got a backpack that is made to hold my camera, as seen on just a few days ago. only i didn't get the $190 crumplebag; i got the $50 lowepro. me gusta mucho. and it will serve me well in costa rica too. quite happy with that. trying to lug around a camera bag is really not at all doable, and so this is great - you can fit everything you want PLUS your camera.

but omg, all this money! the spending will soon quit, i think!


my boss's last day is tomorrow. that's news! i'll be sans boss for a couple of weeks, but we interviewed for her replacement and i think that person will be starting soon. hopefully! my head is spinning already thinking of working without anyone to help me directly. oy.


class starts again on monday. i'm taking two; one in person, one online. for the one class, i actually have to additionally go into a local school for 16 hours over the semester, 3 hrs per week. that should be interesting!


the turtle hatchling release is tomorrow night! yay! baby sea turtles!!!


no hurricane dean. this is a good thing.


oreo is finally using the litterbox i set out in the bedroom for her, as an insurance policy (she sleeps with us at night). i am so proud! really!


blogger is broken right now.


i gotta go to bed!

most of the reading and research i've done on digital cameras suggests that once you get to the prosumer level (the D70, the digital rebel, etc), the next thousand dollars at least and probably more don't make a huge difference in the ability of the camera body to capture good images--that is, the entry-level prosumer bodies will take pics close to or identical to the next several better camera bodies when paired with equally good lenses (i'm talking just in terms of the quality of image captured; there are some differences in the features of the cameras).

all that is to say with a better lens (thinking about your $700 lens jar), you may get significantly better pics.
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