Friday, August 03, 2007
  Who knew?
Things went downhill quickly at work yesterday. I suffered horribly, then came home and quickly took care of the necessary stuff (put on some scrubs, fed the torts, etc), then planted my ass on the couch with a book and an icepack. By the time Chris got home, I was asleep.. I woke up feeling horrendously nauseous. I hoped I would feel better after dinner, but I didn't. It was so bad, I was gagging. Ooooh, it was fun.

So finally, I decided to take an Imitrex. I figured that it wouldn't hurt. A half-hour later, the headache was gone. Was it a migraine? Even though it didn't feel like my typical kind? Chris thinks it could have been a variant.

Then I start jogging my memory as to what could've caused it.. I had been thinking it was just because I was sleep deprived, but that was shot once I got a nap. Then I realized what it was: it was the peppermint water. Freaking peppermint-flavored water. Naturally flavored. Now, mind you, I don't buy any of this crap. It's a money thing and it's a PLASTIC BOTTLE THING, but we get tons and tons of these free samples at work, and the environmental impact is already there, so I definitely take advantage of the free samples (god, you should see my cabinets!). Anyway, it tasted really good at first - like a thin mint! Only water! I immediately started thinking, "How can I make this myself???" But by the end of the bottle, I wondered what the "other natural flavorings" were. It was too sweet. Within a half-hour or so, I was feeling headachey. Again, I chalked it up to being tired. In retrospect, I'm almost sure it was the water. Note to self: when something doesn't taste too good, and makes you feel funny, STOP DRINKING IT. This same thing happened a month ago with lemon yerba mate, also a free sample. I drank the same brand pomegranate and blueberry just fine, but the lemon? Headache. So yeah, every day I learn something new. New day, new migraine trigger.

In other news, I got an A in lit. :)

I have been very tired. Got home from work and just.. ah.. sleepy. Fed the torts. Got to couch. Eventually went outside to talk to Chris who was sleeping. Took an impromptu swim when his teasing became too much because he thought he was safe in the pool (I showed him). Tonight I plan to sleep very, very well.

This weekend I have my math final and we would like to dive and tomorrow night we're going to out to eat on account of our anniversary and I have a lot of errands to run and and and and.. yeah. :)

Food, yesterday - Breakfast: Gross shake since I was out of greens that involved a banana and greens & whey powder, also a free sample. I love their bars but I will not be buying the powder. Lunch: Spinach salad with mandarin oranges, grapes, red onions, pears, and avocado. Peppermint water (aggggh). Snack: Apple w/ almond butter. Dinner: Two veggie hot dogs, with cheese. I couldn't eat the bok choy, which usually I love. Stupid headache. Dessert: Chris & I split another sample, which was really good: a 200-calorie "bananas foster" cake by Guiltless Gourmet. We both gave it a thumbs-up, and Chris is very hard to impress. And it only takes 30 secs in the microwave!

Food, today: Breakfast: Chris was home so and I was running late (as usual) so he made me a protein shake with banana. Very yummy. No greens. Must go shopping. Lunch: The second half of the salad from yesterday. Snack: A few prunes (dried plums, as they say) and a handful of this
awesome, awesome granola from Bear Naked. Also a sample. I've had my eye on it for weeks and it finally came up for grabs and, miraculously, no one else wanted it. I am so proud of myself for having just a handful and then putting it back in the cupboard because, like, yuuuuum. :) Dinner: A Boca burger with cheese. Side was a leftover from a meeting at work today: mashed potatoes mixed with corn. Yum! I think I ate too much, 'cause I'm fuuuull.
Check and see if it was sweet by Aspertain. You might be alergic to it. Also called Nutra Sweet. It might not be what they used in their other drinks.
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