Friday, September 14, 2007
  Photography skillz envy

Marlena & Nathaniel, originally uploaded by Anne Ruthmann.

I found this chick on Flickr last night. Her pics are SO AWESOME.

She does the engagement / wedding picture thing, only.. Oh my gosh, they’re so not the typical cliché things you usually see. Seriously, go check them out. Her website showcases them even awesomer. If I ever get married, would it be too going too far to get her flown out from Terre Haute, Indiana to come take the pictures?

I did note she uses a Canon. Oh, goddammit. Repeat, Stacey, repeat: it’s the photographer, not the camera. Photographer, not the camera.

Ken Rockwell of (excellent resource for all things camera/photography, by the way; I keep meaning to make a donation) says you can get the same results from a $500 camera as you can from a $5,000 camera, but why is it that all the pros are using cameras that cost $3-5,000 cameras, then? Her camera, for example, costs around $3,000. HMMMM, Ken Rockwell, WHY IS THAT?

Anyway. I gotta go. Alli’s birthday concert is tonight – Dave Matthews Band. I dunno their stuff and I don’t particularly like it, an opinion I’ve learned to keep to myself over the past few days (everyone is so excited for me for getting to see them that I feel like an ass for saying I don’t really like ‘em), but eh.. She’s 30 this weekend. Who knows how many good years she has left with us? ;)

Tell Alli I said happy 30th!
Anne has some nice shots and a very nice web site. I looked at her prices and she is very reasonable. I would think she would travel for the right price. If money were no object I would use this person even though I've never seen her wedding shots. I think she got the best shots on Flickr
The air plane ticket would cost a bundle though even if she did the shoot for free!

Thanks for the link on Ken Rockwell. He seems to know a good bit about cameras. Maybe a DSLR is in my future or a Cannon 550 LOL. The Cannons do have a good reputation for the point and shoots.
I've seen the difference the lens on a nice camera like the D200 makes a huge difference. I also seen the difference between that camera and the DS2 and it not as much as one might think considering that it was 5K more. In megapixal its 10 vs 12. I got some large format files from the DS2 though that my friend took that you could blow up real large! A couple of Madison Blue I am getting made into a poster.

Tell Alli happy birthday even though I never met her and I wish I could go in your spot to that concert. I love DMB.

Stacey! Thank you so much!! I fly out of town for weddings quite a bit since Terre Haute really doesn't have enough business to support a full time wedding photographer. ;-) Sorry about the Canon... it's all just equipment to me - you can get the same results with any camera... really. Buying more expensive cameras just reassures you that it's NOT about the camera.

Have fun celebrating Alli's birthday!! Thanks Tom for mentioning rebba - cool stuff there too!
hi tom! somehow it didn't tell me you left a comment - nor shannon's! but i did get anne's. hmm. in fact, i only thought to check my comments because of anne's mention of you!

anyway, i have a powershot sd550. all my point & shoot's, after my first, have been powershots, and i don't know if i'd go to anything else. i love them!

i got stuck on nikon for an SLR, and i don't think i made a mistake, but i keep noticing canons everywhere... everywhere! i just have to keep telling myself that i have not yet learned to use my d70 right.

and yeah, lenses do make a HUGE difference. my d70 came with a tamron. i bought a $120 nikkor 50mm lens and those pics look much nicer than the off-brand lens pictures, so i think the key could very well be in the lens (and the person behind it, anyhow).

thanks for mentioning rebba; i'll check it out when i have time, after this weekend!
Rebba I think is one of the most talented photographers I've ever seen.I was looking up tags on fav and views and she had ones in the 10,000 fav club and 100,000 views. Her photo's have a depth of field that just seem endless with colors out of this world. The amazing thing is she is self taught. I wish I had 1/100 of the talent she has in taking the shot compositions, framing, the eye, and afterwards editing them. When looking at her shots I saw that Matt had discovered her awhile back. I think she is number one flickr on hits. The other night I spent hour just looking at her shots. Simply amazing shots. So be warned if you look be prepared to lose some sleep.
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