Friday, December 28, 2007
  Well, this sucks.

maggie & oreo, originally uploaded by estacey.

Maggie went to her new home last night. The lady at Patty’s work who wanted a doggy met her and really liked her, so took her home… to their new house, which made getting a dog possible. I guess their five-year-old kid really, really wanted her. Patty’s a real nice girl so I trust that she knows this woman is a good person and will give Miss Maggie Moo a good home. That doesn’t stop this from sucking, however.

I LOVE Maggie. She’s been my bud. We’ve had to take turns putting she & Gretchey in crates and outside (usually with Buddy or Sebastian to keep them company), but whenever she HAS been inside with me, she has just been a perfect little dog. She’s even getting the housetraining thing down. She likes to cuddle. She never jumps or stands on me (ahem, other dogs). When I’m in the bathtub, she always stands on her little hind legs to see what’s going on or lick my wet hand. Whenever I’m in bed or on the couch and she’s in the room, she’s at my side. She does the funniest thing with treats – she puts them on the ground and then rubs her whole body on them before she eats or chews on them. She did the same thing with an apple slice once. I stayed in bed the whole Sunday after we got home from Costa Rica and she stayed with me THE WHOLE DAY. There’s NO WAY she was that tired. She’s just learning to do the leg-splay to get her belly rubbed. She just.. ahh, is such a great, sweet girl. A perfect little dog – MY DOG. And I had to give her away.

So last night, I cried. Chris put Sebastian on me. “Sebastian will cuddle with you,” he said. “He’s only staying with me because I’m petting his head,” I answered. I stopped rubbing Sebastian’s head and said, “Watch. I give him five minutes.” Sure enough, about 20 seconds later, Sebastian jumped off me to go find a chewy.

I’ll really miss her, but at least, when you think about it… At least she got out of the shelter. This whole thing worked out kinda shitty for Gretchey: all she got out of this was some scars. But Maggie got a new, good home. Let’s hope. They were told that, if they didn’t like her, they were welcome to bring her back. We’ll see how the weekend goes.

Since I didn’t get to say goodbye, I’d like to go visit her to do so this weekend. We’ll see what they say.

In other bad news, I had to go on blood pressure medicine today. I had started this whole process a few years back when the doctor was telling me my blood pressure was high. Every time I go to the doctor’s, it’s high. The other day at the Neuro, it was 138 or so over 90-something. Every time I check it at a BP monitor at the store, it’s high. Not OMG-I’m-dying high, but higher than it should be for a pretty healthy person of someone my age. (On some charts, it says ‘PREHYPERTENSION’ or ‘BORDERLINE HIGH’ which is just NOT acceptable for someone my age.) Last night my average was around like 128/88 of the number of times I took it, sometimes higher, sometimes lower. Today I was actually happy with my BP reading 138/something, since the something was in the 70s.. until my doc said, “For a 29-year-old? No.” Apparently 138 is much too high for a 29-year-old.. And then he explained today that it’s not anything I’m DOING… It very well could be related to my kidney condition. In any case, it’s something we have to control, as uncontrolled high BP has serious consequences, a point of which Chris has been driving home the past couple of days. So I’m on a new drug. Yay. And stepping up a cardio routine most likely is not going to allow me to come off it, says the doc; after all, it’s not because I’m being sedentary that I have high BP. It’s just that I’m me. But at least it’s getting controlled now, so I don’t have to worry about consequences of high blood pressure. ‘cause they be bad!

Anyway. It’s the weekend. This is good!

awww, sorry about you having to give maggie away :(

and hi, welcome to the prehypertensive club (since around age 21 for me). hopefully the meds will help and won't have any side effects.
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