Wednesday, January 09, 2008

lunch by the waterfront :), originally uploaded by estacey.

This week has been interesting! Monday was, as expected, a bit of a disaster... There was an accident on the highway, I couldn't find a parking spot, I couldn't find my building, etc. I was so late for my first class that I may as well have missed it; I picked up my syllabus and that was about that. The rest of the day went much more smoothly. And I got some time outside, which was NICE.

Yesterday was at home.. Which was surprisingly BUSY. After the sleeping-in part. Maggie Moo (yes, she's back) and I woke up late, then all the doggies got baths, I reorganized the kitchen closet, did some other organizing, did schoolwork, then made a nice dinner. Ha ha.

Today was back to school, for my long day there (it ends with an evening class). I'm lounging on the couch now, watching Law & Order. Ahhh.

So hmm, life is quite a bit different now. It's nice not going to work every day, for the same thing, day in and day out. I'm a little nervous about this semester, though; I have a lot of work ahead of me. And I have NO idea how these classes compare with the ones I'm used to... For sure, the subject matter is more difficult. Eesh.

Tired for now. Tiiiiired.

Maggie is back -- did her adoptive home not work? How are the others taking this?
Nope... They have a 5-year-old (who wanted the dog to start out) and she was scared of Maggie and didn't get over it. They kept her for a week, then gave her back.

The other dogs are fine, but we have to keep Maggie & Gretchey separate. She's really good with the other dogs -- REALLY good -- and I am even tempted to think she'd do well with Gretchen, but I can't test my theory as that risks getting Gretchen hurt.

There was a 2nd possibility for a home before, and she was supposed to call when she got over her stomach virus.. she wanted her before, but these other people had dibs... I haven't heard from her and was kinda expecting to have gotten a call by now.

The plan now is to just hold onto her now until Chris's sister gets a place, and she'll go there to be Buddy's friend. Hopefully it won't be TOO long, since having to keep them separate really sucks, for us and for them.

Maggie is on the side of the house now when we're all not here during the day. She has a big area to run, but OMG she still FREAKS OUT when we get home and let her out. Whee...
I may have missed this in a previous post---but what are you studying in school?

And awesome! going back full time by the way. I'm so jealous.
engrish education.

it's tough, actually... bcc was a breeeeeeze. a breeze and i got a 3.79 GPA. now i'm reading shakespeare and plato and it seems like everyone else in my classes has taken courses like this and i SO HAVE NOT. "when we read homer LAST term, we learned that the iliad was more of a battle handbook...." i'm like, DURRRRR. so i guess i'll have to work at it a little. :D scary! but yes, good! thanks! :
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