Tuesday, January 15, 2008
  Time fliiiiiiies
My third day at home on a weekday. And MY GOD where does the time go?

Woke at 9. This was an accomplishment. Many thanks to Miss Maggie, who was awake and kept licking my face every time I turned in her direction. Also, thanks to Oreo, whose food bowl was empty and WANTED ME TO FILL IT NOW, GODDAMMIT. Her request sounds more like Meow, meow, meow, meeeeeeeeeeow, but she really gets her point across.

Tended to all the animals: fed food bowls, gave George his daily chunk of trail mix bar (he stands on his little hind bunny legs every morning, with his little feet on the cage bars, until I give him SOMETHING), did the musical-chairs thing with Gretchey & Maggie to get them both fed and to the bathroom without having them cross paths.

Decided to pick out a recipe for dinner, and make a shopping list for what I needed still. Black bean soup... And all I need are a couple of spices! Woo! But going through the spice cabinet, of course, led to reorganization of the spice cabinet and the cabinet where we keep all our easy-access cooking supplies.

Talked to my doctor (later post will explain that), wrote some emails, did laundry, made some oatmeal, checking course websites, school email, Flickr, drank tea, checked my course syllabi, started on Comedy of Errors for class tomorrow, printed some things for an assignment for another class, applied a clay face mask, hung laundry out to dry, ate a PB&J, started lifting weights... and already it's 3:30. Three freaking thirty! And I really don't feel like I've accomplished much at all. I wanted to make some phone calls today, upload some pictures, and get some more schoolwork done... But it didn't happen.

I am off to finish with the weights... I can't lift much, but being a bit healthier is something I'm integrating into this whole lifestyle-change thing. I'm using the opportunity of going to school and opening up some more free time to make some positive changes, and what a better time than when you find out you have high blood pressure?

We have a weight set in the library. Chris uses it all the time.. I was going to go to the gym today, but I really can get everything done here, with the soundtrack of my choice, so I decided not to leave. So I'm stepping up exercise, having jogged with Chris a few times last week... He's helping me stay motivated. And not complaining that I run slow. Et cetera. :) I'm eating oatmeal for breakfast every day, and one of these days I'll get up early enough to make it for Chris, too. Also, eating a small & healthy lunch -- typically a sandwich with fruit... This is especially easy at school, since I bring my lunch.. They have places selling food there, but I really can't spend money these days, so I'm sorta stuck eating what I brought! :) We're trying to keep dinners healthy.. I cook dinner two days per week now, so am scouring all my little books about healthy eating for recipes. Last night, we ate a quick dinner of Boca burgers & tater tots, but I made green beans from the CSA to complement... I'm really trying to use all the CSA veggies and I am quite proud of myself. I made cauliflauer last week, and it was delicious. Now what to do with the radishes? Also, plain tea.. No more delicious chai.. well, maybe once a week or so. I was really late yesterday so stopped at the Dunkin Donuts across the street for a forbidden coffee, and my god.. I felt horrible from it. I felt like my heart was beating fast all morning. Yick. I forgot how bad that makes you feel if you're not used to it. Today it was green tea with blueberry. Much better!

Then off to jog and to the store to buy some bay leaves and cumin! Then the day is over and Chris will be home! Crazy!
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