Sunday, March 23, 2008
  easter sunday!
and do you want to know how much i love my chris? i went to the easter vigil with him last night. the TWO HOUR EASTER VIGIL. two hours. at a church. by choice.

i think we were both getting kinda goofy towards the end... in fact, i noticed two people for a fact that gave us smirking, amused looks. you know, older, dad-type people that were probably thinking, "i wish i could act like that, but that's what i tell my kids not to do, so i can't." i'm glad that chris is his usual fun self at church... when i first started going, i thought that i would have to be sourpuss serious the whole time we're there, but now i feel free to nudge chris and make look-at-that eyes in the direction of the old guy in front of us, who is wearing a pair of those pants that you wear when you're traveling. you know, they zip off at the knee. and these pants were purple.

we're usually holding hands or locked at the arms during the service, and at some point chris usually sizes the opportunity of closeness to rest his rosary on my arm, as if this will convert me into catholicism via osmosis. i appreciate his optimistic persistence. :)

but anyway, it wasn't so bad, despite the fact there were no baby baptisms, as promised. i think chris said that just to lure me there. next time he wants me to go to an extra-long mass and he knows i won't fall for this baby stuff, he'll probably say they're giving away kittens or baby sloths or something. but now i'm wise to his ways. though, really, if he wants me to go with him, i still will... if church is something special to him, he probably shouldn't be sitting there alone, after all.

we've been helping patty move this whole weekend. well, i helped chris yesterday. today he's doing it solo so i can get some stuff done here. it's been raining the WHOLE WEEKEND. blah. yesterday we went to lowe's to pick up some stuff and i had to get a lock for the locker at the school gym so i can stop leaving my stuff there with just my crossed fingers to protect it. anyway, chris and i split up and when we found each other later in the plant section, we were both holding the same bright green lock. and this made me happy.

before church we headed out to IKEA for the first time since it opened here... yay, ikea! we just got a few things... 4 lamps! some tupperware (omg, cheap). some magazine files. we were going to get a rug, but it was in the $50 bin but rang up as $200 and hello. i kinda feel like i'd like to go back after doing an inventory here... chris has a lovely house here, but it's definitely missing on the details. (not that chris cares, but i'm a girl, so wish for pretty details.) we've been working hard on scaling back on the clutter (see above: magazine files) and i think it's come a long way, but now that the clutter has been cut back, i think it's time to introduce some good things. maybe time to cover up some of these bare walls, for example. i guess it gives us something to think about. maybe i should try to get some print-worthy pictures... ikea sells 'em pretty cheap, on canvas, but i could probably do something decent and get it printed. at least for the guest bedrooms or something.

ok, gotta go. but first, a story about what a great guy chris is.
i just about ran out of gas coming home from school on wednesday. i didn't have my wallet with me, i had no cash... i was screwed. so i took the slow way home from school and kept my fingers crossed and i made it. thursday night, i realized i needed to go out for gas. i didn't want to go. it was cold. i kept putting it off. eventually, it was after 9 and i'm like, "ugh, i gotta go for gas and i so don't want to." chris is like, "i'll go." this is around the time he likes to start getting ready for bed, mind you. this is after he worked all day and i stayed home, mind you. "really, you want to go?" "i don't want to go, but i'll go for you." and he did. and i was so damn thankful. he's great. :)
so when are you getting married? :D
hehe.. i dunno, ask him. i'll give you his email address. ;)
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