Saturday, March 08, 2008
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lucky me, i got to skip the breakfast. chris tried to wake me up this morning... "i'm going to costco," he said. i thought this meant he had tried to wake me up earlier and i wouldn't wake up, so now he was leaving and it was too late. this has happened before. (it was 7 a.m. or so.) i'm like, "oh, okay." apparently they didn't eat anyway; chris's mom just yelled at him for an hour or so and then he snuck out. ahh, quality time.

she liked me when she met me, apparently. this was a first, chris said; she usually didn't like his girlfriends. no one is good enough. i guess that's changed. maybe since the speaking-up incident. i asked what she said today. did she talk about me? i asked. yeah, chris said. what'd she say? you don't want to know, chris answered. yes, i do.

well... she said i'm lazy, that i'm not a hard worker like the people in their family. i guess this means i'm not a DOCTOR. she said i'm messy. well, okay, i give her that one, but i do TRY. (i'm cleaning out the kitchen closet and the garage right now!) she said that my family is not like their family, that they are not hard-working like their family... this is where i just want to steam over.

she's never met my family... she actually does not know anything about any of them... they are not doctors... they do not hold masters degrees or phds... they are, in fact, mostly blue collar workers. but you can kiss my ass if you are going to act like that is anything you can put down. my pregnant sister works for 10-hour shifts on her feet and then goes home and takes care of her son and husband... how can you say that's not working hard? my other sister and her husband (who has two jobs) work very hard so they can provide for their kids and are making sure that both of them have the opportunity for an education. how the hell can you put any of that down? how can you try to tell your son that his girlfriend and where she comes from is not good enough? and then she said something about, "and i don't think she's a gold digger, but..." ??!! what the fuck is that supposed to mean?

i'm a little hurt, a little mad, a little frustrated... so all i can say is that she is lucky she is going straight to the airport tomorrow without stopping by here.
DAMN! That's all I can say about his mother! I'm glad you didn't have to deal with her!
i have a lot of cousins and family and whatnot and it seems that when they get coupled up long-term:
1. the person they're with is the black sheep of their family and fits perfectly with ours, as if they belonged the whole time
2. they fit so perfectly with the other person's family that i wonder if they would have been a black sheep in our family (if we weren't all black sheep)
or 3. our family meets their family and it's like we're all one big happy family (of all black sheep?).

er, what i meant to say is that it sounds like his mother isn't exactly nice to *him*, so maybe it's not too much of a concern if she likes you, so long as you like him and *he* likes you and maybe your family likes him.

oh, and the business of what hard-working means reminded me of an old "In Living Color" sketch with the very-hard-working jamaican family where they tell their daughter they don't like her lazy-ass boyfriend because he only has one job (doctor), not 3-10 different (blue-collar) jobs like her parents and siblings.
yeah, i know it doesn't matter.. his mom really isn't nice to anyone. and she doesn't really get along with his kid sister's husband, despite the fact that he's a delightful fellow AND a doctor. but it's still aggravating.

my family likes chris.. honestly, what's not to like? they would like his family, too. they would think they're cute; i can picture how they would react. the thing is, they would like chris no matter what he did. i told him that: you could be a roofer, and as long as you treated me nice and we were happy, they would love you. so to have someone be so harshly judgmental of them... it's just hurtful.

sounds like a cute sketch.. hehe. -- see it soon before it vanishes due to copyright issues. :)
[this is one out of a recurring sketch]
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