Wednesday, February 27, 2008
  heehee :)

patty & sebastian, smiling, originally uploaded by estacey.

poor sebastian, me making him do the toothy grin against his will. ah well, he got over it.

quick before i head to bed...

we've worked out a nice little doggy custody arrangment with patty so she doesn't have to miss them too much when she moves into her new house. she'll have buddy full-time, since that's her dog. as for the other two, she'll take them one by one on a bi-weekly basis. that is, she'll have gretchey one week, then none for a week, then sebastian for a week, then none, then gretchey again, and so on.

this saves her the issue of getting buddy a new friend (since the maggie thing fell through), and prevents him the heartache of never getting to see his best friend, gretchen. we always call him our little forrest gump*. i guess that would make her his jenn-nay. they're like two peas in a pod, sleeping together and licking each other's faces. so this way they get to hang out still. and patty gets her babies two weeks a month, too. and we still get both gretchey and sebastian together two weeks of the month, but get a little lighter load the other two weeks... with the way that this maggie thing is working out, just having one dog to concentrate on to work with maggie (once we meet with the behavioralist, i am hoping we have some starting ground to work with) will be a good thing... so i think it works out really well. plus, they'll get spoiled all-around.

ok, i gotta go to bed. tomorrow is school plus jane goodall and i'm really trying to get in bed before 2 a.m. these days because i really don't do well with less than 5 hours of sleep.

*i mean, it's not his fault. i think he's the product of a puppy mill, and patty got him when he was really sick. she has a soft spot for the sad cases, too. i think his little brain got cooked. so now... well, he has barked at a leaf, and at a feather, and anything else that has a little bit of movement, for a good 15 minutes at a time, at which point it stops being amusing and we decide it's time to confiscate the offending leaf/feather/thread/etc. he regularly gets scared of things that he has been laying next to for a good amount of time, randomly. he'll just be laying there, and all of a sudden he'll jump up and you realize he's scared of the blanket. the blanket!!! the other day he was walking in the bathroom and all of a sudden he jumped, scared of a barely visible smudge on the wall that's nowhere near new. we can't take him to the dog park because he barks non-stop at the other dogs. we were patient, thinking he needed to get used to the other dogs, but it got to the point where we realized that wasn't the case, and it got to be embarassing, so.. yeah, no doggie park for buddy. also, he now has to wear a denim diaper (we had bought for when gretchey used to get her period) in the house due to his insistence on marking the house (namely the bed and the couch and left out rolls of paper towel used to clean up aforementioned bed and couch accidents) every single day. the diaper is actually pretty cute, but maaaaaaan, the marking really wasn't. yeah, he smart. we love him, a lot, but.. like i said, he's our little forrest gump. :)

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