Saturday, April 26, 2008
  The reason for today's headache.

I was cruelly forced out of my nap yesterday to go out to dinner. Chris's cousin was in from out of town for a conference.. Apparently they gave him the choice of North Carolina, KENTUCKY, or Florida for conference location. He said he was reeeeally leaning towards Kentucky, but then remembered his dear cousin Chris lived in Fort Lauderdale. Heh. So anyway, Chris has been entertaining him in the evenings the past few nights, and last night was the night he wanted to try Cuban.

Now, since I'm a vegetarian, people always think that I am a very difficult person to go out to eat with. Not true. I can eat almost anywhere. The exceptions are steakhouses (I probably could eat there, but just don't want to) and Cuban places. The first Cuban place I ever went in had a big dead pig, still with a face and everything, by the door. It is very indicative of what Cuban food is like. It is very pork-centered cuisine. You can get a sandwich with three kinds of pork on it. However, not really any options for vegetarians unless you want to be eating rice & beans, or unless you can consider pork a vegetable. And, you know, I really like rice and beans, but if I'm going out to eat, I hate not even having an option of what I'm ordering. But whatever, the cousin wanted Cuban, so I was going anyhow.

There's a Cuban place not far from home.. within walking distance, actually. I thought I was going to have another night of rice & plantains for dinner, but we discovered that they served Mexican food, too! So it was actually really good. And we got sangria! Afterwards, we went back to the little bar we always go to, but by then I was basically asleep on my feet.. I went to the bathroom and Chris actually sent his sister in to check on me. I was fine, but someone had left a newspaper in there, and I was just lazily browsing through it, too tired to care that I should be getting back to the bar. So we called it a night soon after. We ended up falling asleep with all the lights on, still wearing our daytime clothes, on top of the blankets.. I guess Chris was as tired as me.

Anyway. Lucky me, this semester is almost officially done. Just some minor stuff to wrap it up. I am SO relieved. This week was really, really stressful... All week, I was thinking, "I just have to make it through Friday." And now, finally, I did. Phew. :)

We were supposed to go on a sailboat ride today... Chris's friend has a sailboat in our backyard now. He wanted to get a boat and we had dock space available, so Chris said he could keep it here and save the money he'd spend to keep it at a marina. It's actually quite pretty. But I guess the water was going to be a little rough today, so it was postponed. I can't wait to go out, actually... Sailing is so nice, and it's been such a long time since I've done it. And we're actually going in the ocean on this thing, not just the Bay as I had been doing with the sailing group. I should get some nice pictures out there, when we do go. :)


Hey! I would go to KENTUCKY any day!!
Yay! You survived!! :)
bethy, i was thinking of you when i wrote that. :) didn't mean to knock on your home state, but being from wisconsin (purgatory in "dogma"), i have the right to pick on other people's states. :D

thank you lovey! thank god! now i can get some SLEEP!
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