Thursday, June 12, 2008
  Product love
I hate air fresheners. Really bad. When Patty lived here part-time, she would plug in Glade things here and there around the house. I felt bad doing it, but the smell made me feel icky and sometimes would give me a headache, so I would end up unplugging them.

Well, a couple of months ago, our cleaning lady plugged a Glade air freshener in that room that was empty at the time. I walked in and reeled, then unplugged it, opened the windows, and went outside for air as I let the smell dissapate.

Discussing it later with Chris, he said that she probably did it because the house had a smell to it. Maybe the combination of animals... and the three litterboxes can't help. This, of course, bothered me greatly. I didn't want a smelly house! So I got some stuff for the litterbox (this great Arm & Hammer stuff) and set on a quest to find some air fresheners that didn't feel toxic to my system.

When I saw Method air fresheners at Target, I was hopeful. Unlike some other all natural cleaning stuff, the scented Method products were never overwhelming. There is that really popular product nowadays.. Mrs. Something-or-Other. I used lavendar-scented handsoap once at work and literally had to track down something to wash the smell off my hands, because the smell made me feel sick. And I usually like lavendar.

But Method seems better, so I bought two "aroma pills" and plugged 'em in. They're based on essential oils, rather than nasty-ass chemicals. Although the smell was so much better - they smelled NICE, rather than overly perfumey - they still seemed too strong. So we put them on timers - smart!

Lavendar and Sweet Water are great scents.

Now I've gotten used to them and actually wanted some more smell, so took the timers off. And I tried out their other products in a couple of other rooms. And I love 'em! Hopefully the house smells a bit better, too...

The aroma rings are in the kitchen and dining room:

The citrus cilantro is great for the kitchen.

And I had a cut-grass scent in the bedroom, in the form of aroma sticks, but this product I would have to advise against. The source of the scent is oil which you put in this little vase. Simple, electricity-free, and it looks nice. Only the oil will evaporate and the store doesn't sell refills. Grr.

So this was replaced with another plug-in.

Also got their wood polish, which has this wonderful almond scent. And I usually hate almond!

So anyway, check out Method products. They're great!
I've been contemplating the switch to natural cleaners. Have you used other products? Anything else you'd recommend? I feel like I have WAY too many chemicals. And perfumes really trigger my migraines. I can't take the air fresheners at all.
Oh - One thing that helped my cat box was switching to Swheat Scoop ( My cat had been declawed before I adopted her and this is the only litter she'll walk on. Turns out, it's better than anything else I've tried at hiding the smell. So much better, in fact, that I rarely notice the box until Kimber makes a big deposit. :) I have made myself get into the habit of scooping every 2-3 days so that she's more comfortable. I'm no longer motivated by the stench coming from the laundry room!
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