Friday, June 06, 2008
  Ahhhhh... and AHH!
I'm only a couple of weeks away from the start of school.

Chris had asked me, when this big long break commenced, what the hell are you going to do with your time? I said I'd figure something out. And I have. :)

And, really, it's been pretty good. I was on an awful schedule before Galapagos, but since we've gotten back it seems that I have to go over to the condo for something every single morning, so I'm forced to not live vampire hours. This morning I had to be there by 8 to let the painters in. And then they didn't show, so after like a half-hour of reading on the papered floor, I left the door open and went on my way.

So anyway, today I am just contemplating how nice this schedule is. Instead of having to fit all this other necessary stuff in around school and work, I can just do it. If I didn't have anything to do, it'd be another story, but with the condo and reorganizing the house, I have plenty on my plate.

Not to mention my laundry load. Seriously, it's insane. Wanna know why? Wanna know why I've had to change the blankets on our bed, like, three times this week? Why I have to wash the blanket on the couch AGAIN?

What I thought was a leaky vagina on Gretchey & Maggie turned out to not be, as Sebastian suffered it one night as well. Turns out dogs have ANAL GLANDS and apparently if you do not EXPRESS THEM, they will, well, express themselves. On your bedsheets, or on the blanket on the couch (TG for the blanket). So EXPRESSING THE ANAL GLANDS is on the to-do for the weekend. I have to have Chris watch an online tutorial... He was refusing to try until he could remember to bring some gloves home from work, though.

The other night when I figured out what was going on, I tried to figure out where the anal glands were on Maggie. You're supposed to be able to feel them. Kidney-bean sized bumps. Well, apparently I found it, as when I was pressing around the 5-and-7-o'clock area around her little butt... Well. Let's just say that the end result was that I ran screaming into the bathroom to change my shirt. And then had to take Maggie into the bathtub to hose her down & disinfect. And I huddled up in the shower myself and cried for a couple of hours.

Chalk one up to cat ownership.

So anyway, Chris is going to wear gloves. I am looking online for one of these:

that's really gross... but I don't understand it, our dogs don't have that issue...
yeah, way gross.

most dogs don't have problems.. they empty the glands each time they poop. why are ours having issues? apparently pugs are notorious for having these kinds of problems, and since sebastian and gretchen are have pug... now, why maggie is, i dunno. trying to fit in?

everything i read said to give them more fiber to help, so i guess i'll try that. the brand we feed (eukanuba) is supposed to be good, tho, so i dunno why they should be having issues.

BE VERY HAPPY yours don't, 'cause, like, EW.
Unfortunately, the same thing happens a few times a year to my cat. Usually when she's reaching up to climb onto my shoulder while I'm wearing my bathrobe. Fortunately, it's washable. My dog, on the other hand, seems to have little leaks pretty regularly. I, too, live with ghost-couches. :) But I love my furkids, so I'll deal and wash the sheets.
ha! ghost couches - way cute. well, i'm taking them to petco for a squirt & wash tomorrow, so i'll let you know if that does the trick and stops the leaking.

your cat sits on your shoulder? like a parrot? also way cute. :)
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On an episode of Dirty Jobs the host, Mike Rowe, worked with a dog groomer, and she showed him how to squeeze the evil out of the bumbum. It was vile.
Yep, she is totally cute. That makes up for the annoying things about her... most days. :) Who am I kidding. I love her!

Byron -- love "squeeze the evil out of the bumbum." Awesome.
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