Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Dogs available at the shelter, originally uploaded by estacey.

I was at the shelter for like five hours today. After I finshed helping the dogs all go potty, I took a few pictures. This is the only pic I had help taking... The rest, omg.. Let's just say that taking pictures of animals you're not used to is NOT easy. Especially when they're full of energy since they're always stuck in a crate. Especially with a damn 50mm lens; they have to stay on a (short) leash, so trying to get them far enough away from me to get in the picture is a challenge!

Also, going back to the D70 is so hard after the D300. However, I did not want to risk the D300 getting covered in slobber or poop, or both. I think to get the rest photographed, I'll stop by on days I am not there to "work" and that way I can probably handle bringing the D300. Then if the pics all turn out dark and wonky, I can't blame the camera!

This dog in the picture is ridiculous. So small, so sweet... All he wants to do when you take him outside is crawl up into your lap and snuggle. I hope he finds a home soon!

Also, there is a boxer there with a broken arm in a cast. I was down on the ground with her, petting her... Face to face. I realized she could probably bite mine off if she felt like it, and since I don't know her, I decided to stand back up. After a while, I felt like I could trust her and I sat down with her in the grass again. She started to lean into my petting-her-head. Soon, she put her little cast-covered arm up in my lap. How cute is that?

I took the pics since lots of the dogs don't have any, which makes them difficult to adopt out online. Hopefully these will help. The shelter lady said that they go in a snap when they have pictures. Let's hope!

Good for you! I worked in local government and couldn’t stand by while Animal Control had an 80% euthanasia rate. I wasn’t allowed to be directly involved (local politics), but I set them up on Pet Finder and taught the officers and volunteers how to post pictures and descriptions. I’m proud of their turn around. They have a 70% adoption rate (still not high enough for me, but it’s much better).
Of course, while I was monitoring their progress, I found my very own BarleyBadDog.  She is doing much better now, too. She’s learning to stay out of the garbage and litter box and my husband is learning to keep those temptations out of sight in the laundry room. See? They’re both trainable!!
omg, lovey - that is so, so awesome. impressive that you could do something like that!!! petfinder is great, too - that's where i found my maggie!

so cool. if i weren't poor, i'd so send you flowers on behalf of all those dogs and cats you've helped!
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